Simplifying Life with Smart Technology in 2018!

by mitzimsa on January 28, 2018


Smart & Fancy Pants

Smart New Year Resolution – This is something that I don’t tend to do anymore. In the past I would vow to diet, walk more, go to the gym and any other task that would set me up to feel like a failure within the first few weeks of the New Year.

Back in November of 2017 I started to explore things that would make my life easier in 2018. Being a caregiver to my husband takes up the majority of my day, week, month and year. So, I needed to find ways to simplify.

She’s One Smart Cookie

I started to research what I could use in addition to my Amazon Alexa (which had not been used to it’s fullest potential since being purchased). When the first major shopping days of the holiday season rolled around, Black Thursday/Friday. I knew what smart things I would look for and set out to purchase all the smart items that my wallet could handle. What I realized after picking up my smart stuff…I was well on my way to a New Years Resolution of making my life simple as possible in 2018!

Alexa (which I renamed Ms. Smart) along with Philips Hue, Smartthings Outlets, Nest Products and Ring Products, I’m able to control almost everything in and outside my home right from my phone with one touch or just by giving Ms. Smart a command.

Getting It Done The Smart Way

I’ve also moved into another area of freeing up time…I started off 2018 with scheduling my first grocery store delivery .  Now that several stores have included my neighborhood into the coverage area, I welcome them with open arms.  This service will defiantly free up time and allow me to hopefully have more me time.

The other day on Facebook I surveyed my friends that are comprised mostly of Boomers like myself. I proposed this question “As you become older not doing what task would make life easier?” The most common answer was “Not doing any type of house work.” Well we’re all in the same ball park because next on my list will be hiring a housekeeper. Having someone come in to do baseboards, windows, scrub down the refrigerator, walls, deep clean bathrooms and kitchen floors.  If  I  could get this service once a month id be in good shape.  As far as what my next smart purchase will be…. I’ve got my eye on one of those fancy vacuums that you say the word and she’ll come a running!

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