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Remarkable Women Made Black History In Iowa

by mitzimsa on February 28, 2018

One Incredible Women of Black History Mrs. Joeanne Cheatom In Honor of Black History Month I would like to celebrate an African American History Maker of Des Moines Iowa, my Aunt. As you read what she has done for the city (…)

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Love Letter ~ Not A Thing of the Past

by mitzimsa on February 12, 2018

Send A Love Letter… To Someone You Love It’s come down to the wire for purchasing a gift for your Valentine.  Maybe your low on cash after the holiday, well here’s an idea that is sure to be a hit! The desire (…)

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Gift Ideas: Letter to the Last Minute Valentines Day Shopper

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2017

Valentines Day Last Minute Suggestions:   So, you’ve taken it down to the wire and have no idea of what to get your Valentine this year. First let me say “SHAME ON YOU”  here’s my Last Minute Valentines Day suggestions, (…)

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Los Angeles Staycation Frame of Mind!

by mitzimsa on August 4, 2016

 My BlogHer Staycation The status of my life at present doesn’t allow for a real vacation so a STAYCATION it will be! Being a caregiver will not always allow  you to getaway.  I’ve been in this position for the last 3 (…)

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Living with Kidney Disease

by mitzimsa on August 2, 2016

Life With Kidney Disease My husband is not the only one living with kidney disease.  He may be the one with the disease but I’m living with it as well. Once he was diagnosed with kidney disease and decided to let (…)

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Is the Generation Gap Closing?

by mitzimsa on July 21, 2016

AND THE GENERATION BEAT GOES ON….. Baby Boomer or Generation X, I can take my pick… I was born when the clock was about to strike 12 and land me in the next generation grouping. But, I find myself being (…)

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Relax, Refresh and Revive!

by mitzimsa on July 19, 2016

A healthy lifestyle… Go Ahead Relax, Refresh and Revive!! Set and feel the sun on our face and witness some of the beauty that’s around you! A retreat doesn’t have to always be with a group you can plan your (…)

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Kendrick Lamar – What’s Next?

by mitzimsa on March 2, 2016

 And,The Winner is… Kendrick Lamar! Seven-time Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar gave one of the most politically charged performances ever on the Grammy Stage.  His depiction of the Chain Gang and African Tribe within his performance showed the life long struggle of African Americans and what (…)

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Los Angeles: I know but, it’s Winter Everywhere!

by mitzimsa on February 4, 2016

Yes, it’s also Winter in LA! I welcomed the winter morning with a smile, even though the temperature has been reading in the low 40’s here in the City of Los Angeles! I had to step out into the frigid (…)

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The Shops At Montebello!

by mitzimsa on December 7, 2015

GO SHOP~ The Shops At Montebello This Holiday Season Now that you’ve giving thanks, hung out and chatted with family and friends, you’ve stuffed yourself to the point of being fat and full, Black Friday Shoppers have had their running of (…)

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Tybee Island Adventure

by mitzimsa on November 11, 2015

Savannah Georgia State Of Mind Over three years ago my bestie (that I’ve known since I can remember) and I decided LET’S TAKE A REUNION ADVENTURE. Which would include the girls that we hung tuff with over the years! Well the first (…)

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Simon Malls: Del Amo Fashion Center Gets Face Lift!

by mitzimsa on October 27, 2015

Good Morning Del Amo Fashion Center! I was recently treated to a wonderful early morning affair, the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the newly renovation of Del Amo Fashion Center hosted by Simon Malls. I was more then excited to receive this (…)

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Compton: Not A CNN News Clip

by mitzimsa on August 14, 2015

I can’t say I’m Straight Outta Compton but, Compton I am, I am Compton I have mixed feelings about the highly anticipated movie NWA Straight Outta Compton.  Right up front let me say this….The story needed to be told and (…)

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by mitzimsa on June 29, 2015

  Health and Wellness for your Dog! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander or should I say “what’s good for you is also good for your best friend, your dog!” We know that staying relaxed, pain free (…)

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by mitzimsa on June 27, 2015

FESTIVAL STYLE FOR ALL Simon Malls + Refinery29’s  Style Festival Yes, it’s summer and one of the best parts of summer are outdoor carnivals, fairs and festivals! Tickets to a music festival can put a dent in that pretty little wallet of yours. (…)

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Pride Time – LGBT Celebration!

by mitzimsa on June 16, 2015

Southern California PRIDE Pride has come to symbolize several things: the long history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender dignity, the freedom of all people to meaningfully and proudly express their sexual and gender identities, and the commitment of LGBT people to (…)

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New Orleans Cafe du Monde

by mitzimsa on June 5, 2015

Oh How Sweet It Is!! Talk about a sweet dream…one of the ultimate experiences of New Orleans; Cafe du Monde. Street Music, Chicory Coffee and the light airy pillow of wonderfulness the Beignet.  Brought to Louisiana in the 18th Century (…)

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New Orleans Wine and Food Experience & Barefoot, A Perfect Pair

by mitzimsa on June 3, 2015

 SAVOR NEW ORLEANS FLAVOR I was honored to receive an invite to the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience -Saturday Grand Tasting by Barefoot Wine!  The event took place under the big top of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  The strands of carnival (…)

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Spring Style at The Shops at Mission Viejo

by mitzimsa on April 29, 2015

LOOKBOOK LIVE SPRING STYLE CLOSET GQ and Glamour Magazines invited guest to take a peek at the newest spring style fashion during LOOKBOOK Live held at The Shops at Mission Viejo! This event gave an inside look  into the date-themed style closets. (…)

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by mitzimsa on April 24, 2015

EDGE CONTROL REVIEW:  Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer As I get older it’s harder to keep my hair under control but more so then my entire head it’s the Edge Control.  I have numerous amounts of products in (…)

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Empire: Cookie Bites, Bits and Crumbles!

by mitzimsa on April 15, 2015

I Confess I’m A Cookie Monster So by now I don’t have to tell you, I’m #TeamCookie! I’ve been tracking all the cookie bites, crumbles and checking out what all the cookie monsters have to say!  Why, recently I had a (…)

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The Shops at Mission Viejo

by mitzimsa on April 14, 2015

Glamour, GQ Magazine and The Shops at Mission Viejo Present  LOOKBOOK Live LOOKBOOK Live, Glamour and GQ magazines along with The Shops at Mission Viejo are bringing the hottest trends to life with themed styled closets for him and her, (…)

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Lifestyle Bloggers LA Event

by mitzimsa on March 13, 2015

LA Bloggers Come Together For Cocktails & Conversation! Recently I was invited to the Lifestyle Bloggers LA event hosted by Kitty Bradshaw of and Kyle Langan of   The event was sponsored and held at Tom’s Urban – LA Live (…)

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The Honest Company!

by mitzimsa on March 9, 2015

 HONEST TO GOODNESS THEIR GREAT! The Honest Company – Not only do I love the name but the butterfly log is a symbol of being free and that’s exactly what these product are free of a lot of things that harm (…)

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Enter The Empire Lyons Den

by mitzimsa on February 25, 2015

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for the Sexy, Crazy, Cool, Awesome world of the Lyons Empire! Let’s see who comes out of the den roaring. Get your drinks and snacks lined up, set back and watch the #CookieMonster go to (…)

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Pajama, Pajamas, PJ’s or Jammies

by mitzimsa on February 19, 2015

I Don’t Care What You Call Them…Just keep them in house! Pajamas – Clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting shirt and pants / trouser. This is how I’ve always known Pajama’s to be (…)

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Empire: The Lyons Den!

by mitzimsa on February 18, 2015

 EMPIRE THE HIP HOP DYNASTY! EMPIRE ALERT!!! Today’s news reads… “Fox’s Empire is Now Tied With CBS Thursday Night Football in Live +7 Adults 18-49 Ratings.” Let me tell you….don’t count out the 50 and beyond where tuning in religiously as (…)

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What’s Type of Love Do Value?

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2015

Did you know there are 6 Types of Love? Colours of Love EROS  Passionate, physical, and emotional. It’s fiery and creates sexual contentment as well as sexual security. The kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach makes your body tingle in places (…)

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Valentine’s Day The Feast of Love

by mitzimsa on February 12, 2015

Go ahead indulge In The Celebration of Love! Whether you’re ready or not, if you like it or not Valentine’s Day is in your face!  Yah, I know it’s been tough walking in the mall or any store for that (…)

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Beauty Shopping DIY = The Shopping Block!

by mitzimsa on October 22, 2014

REFINERY29 & SIMON BRINGS THE SHOPPING BLOCK TO CALI! There’s not many things that can get me out of the house early Saturday morning with the exception of Shopping! I was on my way to The Shopping Block. An off the chart shopping experience (…)

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by mitzimsa on September 3, 2014

 Eating  Fruits and Vegetables Of The Season  I’m big on cooking and eating fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. I so enjoyed the summer fruits and vegetables that taste as sweet and juicy as they looked and smelled! Now that we’re bidding (…)

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Barefoot Wine Brunch & Tasting – Newest Release Peach Fusion

by mitzimsa on August 3, 2014

California Wine Country Home to Barefoot Wine After an action packed weekend in San Jose, I took a trip due north by way of San Francisco into California Wine Country.  Impromptu? No, I had the pleasure of dining with Winemaker Jennifer Wall (…)

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Babies & Baby Dolls Not My Thing! Gods Plan Was Waiting In The Wings

by mitzimsa on June 17, 2014

I DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BIRTHING BABIES!! I’ve never had that fire or desire to give birth to babies. Why as a child, for the short period of time that I played with dolls they were just that my doll (…)

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Did You Know The Cinderella Story Has Changed?

by mitzimsa on May 22, 2014

Revision of the Cinderella Story! Ladies,remember when you envisioned what your husband, would look like? That fairy tale in your head that usually happens somewhere between 18 and 25 years of age? Even though this is probably the second time (…)

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Extraordinary Is As Extraordinary Does

by mitzimsa on February 21, 2014

126 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Every Day Extraordinary   When I opened FaceBook today I ran across a post that was quite intriguing.   Lauren Lavender (the postee) said and I quote ” I have chosen 5 items (…)

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by mitzimsa on October 17, 2013

EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS THE GREAT SHAKEOUT 2013 I’m ready, are you? EarthQuake Preparedness:  The Great ShakeOut began in Southern California in 2008 and has since spread to other states and other countries. Over here on the Fox Lot we take Earthquake Preparedness seriously (…)

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