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Kahlua, El Nino & Me!

by mitzimsa on January 28, 2016

When the Temputure Reads Kahlua While the Mid-West and the East Coast hunker down for the Nor’easter over here on the West Coast we’re on watch for El Nino! Not sure of the opinion of other beach babies here in (…)

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Lifestyle Bloggers LA Event

by mitzimsa on March 13, 2015

LA Bloggers Come Together For Cocktails & Conversation! Recently I was invited to the Lifestyle Bloggers LA event hosted by Kitty Bradshaw of and Kyle Langan of   The event was sponsored and held at Tom’s Urban – LA Live (…)

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Olivia Pope SCANDAL: Thursday’s Will Never Be The Same!

by mitzimsa on October 3, 2013

Olivia Pope SCANDAL: Six Things That Make Me Go Hmmm… 1.  Who outed Olivia and Fitz? 2.  Now that the world knows Olivia Pope is the President’s Sweet Thang…..what’s next?  She has always been there for him, will he do the same (…)

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