Groupon & LivingSocial Junkie

by mitzimsa on September 24, 2013

  GROUPON & LIVINGSOCIAL JUNKIE CONFESSIONS  Ok so everybody already knows that I’m always looking for an adventure. I had become bored with the same old go out to dinner with another couple routine. When it comes to my husband if (…)

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Coffee Mate…You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

by mitzimsa on September 20, 2013

   Coffee Mate…Makes Coffee Time Anytime!   I’m one of those people that makes my coffee like dessert some time with liquor depending on the time of day! I must say I’ve developed a bit of a sweet tooth in my (…)

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Medical Adventure: The Path To Success…

by mitzimsa on September 18, 2013

Medical Adventure: The Path To Success! So if you were interested in where I’ve been my family life needed me more than my passion. A few weeks ago I wrote an essay that discussed a medical journey that I would (…)

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