Vons Grocery Delivery

by mitzimsa on February 8, 2018

Which one will it be… Vons, Amazon or Google? In my quest to make life simple in 2018, I wanted to explore having my groceries delivered. This is not a service that I could have obtain in the area in which I live until recently. Amazon and Google, have come into my neighborhood with the service.  I believe it forced our local area stores to start to offer the service as well.

VONS Up At Bat!

In January I set down at the computer and placed my first grocery order for delivery with VONS. I decided to go with a local area store due to the promotion of purchase $100 get $25 off + free delivery (free delivery on first order only).

Shopping with the VONS online app was fairly easy once I got the hang of it. Since this was a test, I decided that I should shop by aisle along with the sales paper. I was careful not to buy items that weren’t needed to cut cost. Since I had taken inventory of my needs before sitting down to shop it made the process move along quit fast!

After placing items in the shopping cart, checking qualities, adding notations for my personal shopper. I then checked my items “no substitutions”.  It was time to move forward with delivery options.

It was too late to schedule for same day delivery so I decided to go with the next day between 12-1pm. I completed my order and set back to wait for the VONS grocery arrival!

I must say I was skeptical of this process which is surprising because I’m a glass half full type of gal. In the back of my mind I was so hoping that this would work out. It would shave some time off of my long list of chores which would give me more time to enjoy life!


Up early, cleaned out the fridge awaiting the arrival of my precious order. It’s barely noon and I hear a truck outside, I run into the kitchen peeked out the window and the excitement arose…IT’S THE VONS TRUCK!  This a great first sign their ON TIME!! While watching the delivery guy unload my order from the truck so many things ran through my mind. I just held my phone in my hand which by the way I was holding to take pictures for this very article BIG FAIL (no pictures).

As he handed me my order I was impressed with the way he explained what was in each bag. OMG!!! They have actually bagged items the way it should be done according to my taste. I kept repeating to myself this is GREAT! After handing me the last bag he wanted my signature. Then he opened his mouth and said…THERE ARE A FEW SUBSTITUTIONS. For me that was a red flag considering that I had checked the box on all items in my cart NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Okay I signed off so the delivery man could be on his merry way.

Vons – It’s All In The Bag

As I started to unbag the items I wanted to address the substitutions right away.  I’m happy to report the items where the same brand as I had ordered but the quantity differed. I was actually ok with this, it left me feeling as if they cared enough to make sure that I had what I needed.

I had ordered a limited amount from the meat department due to my freezer being full, the few items ordered passed my inspection just fine. When it came to the bag of produce I found that two of the items ordered did not meet my satisfaction. My tomatoes where too soft and the brown spots on the cauliflower would be considered unacceptable if I was personally shopping for someone.

If your wondering if I continue this service, YOUR DARN TOOTIN!!! I plan on placing an order with all outlets that are servicing my area to compare the quality of service from each outlet then decide who will win out as my supplier.

I can say this service will be LIFE CHANGING for me and will fit right in with simplifying my life in 2018!

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