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Simplifying Life with Smart Technology in 2018!

by mitzimsa on January 28, 2018

GOING SMART! Smart New Year Resolution – This is something that I don’t tend to do anymore. In the past I would vow to diet, walk more, go to the gym and any other task that would set me up (…)

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The Shops At Montebello!

by mitzimsa on December 7, 2015

GO SHOP~ The Shops At Montebello This Holiday Season Now that you’ve giving thanks, hung out and chatted with family and friends, you’ve stuffed yourself to the point of being fat and full, Black Friday Shoppers have had their running of (…)

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Over-Ear Headphones – Veoldyne vQuite Are For Me!

by mitzimsa on August 7, 2014

Velodyne Headphones Sound!! I can say that music is my life, I’m surrounded by it on a daily basis. Being employed by a major movie and television studio in the music department I hear and listen to music of one genre or (…)

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