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Gift Ideas: Letter to the Last Minute Valentines Day Shopper

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2017

Valentines Day Last Minute Suggestions:   So, you’ve taken it down to the wire and have no idea of what to get your Valentine this year. First let me say “SHAME ON YOU”  here’s my Last Minute Valentines Day suggestions, (…)

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Return of the Empire, Let Them Roar!

by mitzimsa on March 30, 2016

EMPIRE SEASON 2 SECOND HALF TONIGHT EMPIRE:  Ya’ll ready for this… Well the wait is over and tonight we will dive into part 2 of Season 2 of Empire!  When we were last glued to the screen, it faded to black (…)

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Los Angeles: I know but, it’s Winter Everywhere!

by mitzimsa on February 4, 2016

Yes, it’s also Winter in LA! I welcomed the winter morning with a smile, even though the temperature has been reading in the low 40’s here in the City of Los Angeles! I had to step out into the frigid (…)

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Compton Christmas Parade & More 2014

by mitzimsa on December 15, 2014

Christmas In Compton   The Christmas Holiday activities are off and running in The City of Compton California! I was so please when I learned that the Compton Christmas Parade would be held this year! I dusted off my lawn chair and (…)

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40th Anniversary: Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein!

by mitzimsa on October 23, 2014

WOW!! It’s the 40th Anniversary of Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein! Over the last couple of weeks members of the paint department have been feverishly sketching and painting  a mural on the back side of Stage 5.  As employees whenever we see a mural project (…)

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Stanley Cup Viewing On The Lot!

by mitzimsa on September 19, 2014

CHAMPIONS OF THE STANLEY CUP Fox Presents The Viewing of the Stanley Cup and it’s protector, the Los Angeles Kings Mascot Bailey!  For starters I have to say this was a popular event here on the lot.  I  walked over to (…)

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BlogHer 14 – On My Way To San Jose!

by mitzimsa on July 15, 2014

This Newbie is Hopping Aboard the BlogHer Train!  As I prepare myself for travel to BlogHer 14, I find myself singing “Do You Know The Way To San Jose”. This song brings to mind such wonderful memories of my childhood (…)

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Kleenex Tissue Box: How Do You Repurpose?

by mitzimsa on November 30, 2013

Kleenex Tissue Box Recycle Project Kleenex Tissue Box DIY: People have been repurposing containers for different uses for as long as I can remember, little did I know then that this was my first experience with recycling. Why even in (…)

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Groupon & LivingSocial Junkie

by mitzimsa on September 24, 2013

  GROUPON & LIVINGSOCIAL JUNKIE CONFESSIONS  Ok so everybody already knows that I’m always looking for an adventure. I had become bored with the same old go out to dinner with another couple routine. When it comes to my husband if (…)

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Medical Adventure: The Path To Success…

by mitzimsa on September 18, 2013

Medical Adventure: The Path To Success! So if you were interested in where I’ve been my family life needed me more than my passion. A few weeks ago I wrote an essay that discussed a medical journey that I would (…)

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Hair: I’m Happy To Be Naturally Nappy…

by mitzimsa on August 12, 2013

 HAIR: HAPPY TO BE NATURALLY NAPPY   Hair, my crown of glory!  About 15 year ago I left the creamy crack alone and pick up the pressing comb.  Right back where I started as a child every Saturday morning sitting in (…)

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Trip Number ??… Everyone is an adventure!

by mitzimsa on July 25, 2013

Trip Number ??… Everyone is an adventure! I’ve always said…. “I married an adventure and another trip is right around the corner” Okay it’s been awhile, life has truly got in the way of my blog moving forward.  I’ve tried (…)

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Difficult Times & The Reality Of It All

by mitzimsa on July 8, 2013

  Difficult Times: The Reality Of It All I read something today  that went a lil something like this……. “Never forget these three types of people in your life” 1) People who help in difficult times 2) People who left in (…)

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by mitzimsa on June 26, 2013

MY CRAZY WACKY WORLD! Welcome to MitziMsAdventures, Lady M for short!   As a wife, mother, sister and Honey (Glamma); I love to discover new things especially if they’re pink and bling, eat great food, do whatever girly girls like to do and every now (…)

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by mitzimsa on May 31, 2013

Toilet Paper: GIRL, IT HAS TO BE CHARMIN! What did you talk about today?  Me, toilet paper Charmin to be exact.  Now this may not be something that you want to talk about but to me, don’t nothing feel better (…)

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by mitzimsa on May 29, 2013

Vintage: FASHION CHARM As I travel down National Blvd. right before I get to Motor, I look over and see the most intriguing vintage boutique “My Baby Jo” if the name doesn’t get ya, what’s inside will.  Once inside you get (…)

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by mitzimsa on May 21, 2013

Keds:  SUMMER STYLE TREND Sneakers may come and sneaker may go but the one that has stayed true to my heart is my KEDS their  just a part of who I am.  I start off every spring with a new Keds Crisp (…)

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by mitzimsa on May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM Though my mother is no longer with me here on earth she continues to walk by my side daily and is always in my heart and mind.  I gave her, her flowers while she was here (…)

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