Imitation of Life -The Movie

by mitzimsa on February 28, 2016

Imitation of Life – African-Americans  Box Office Profit African-Americans make up 40 percent of attendance of movie goers today we are increasing the bottom line at the box office. In most instances this holds weight but as of recent events (…)

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Pistachio: A Royal Nut

by mitzimsa on February 26, 2016

PISTACHIO One Cute Little Nut I can’t demand that the entire region’s Pistachio Harvest be set aside for me like the Queen of Sheba. But, I can kick scream and put my foot down when it comes to shearing my supply. (…)

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Los Angeles: I know but, it’s Winter Everywhere!

by mitzimsa on February 4, 2016

Yes, it’s also Winter in LA! I welcomed the winter morning with a smile, even though the temperature has been reading in the low 40’s here in the City of Los Angeles! I had to step out into the frigid (…)

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