Enter The Empire Lyons Den

by mitzimsa on February 25, 2015

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for the Sexy, Crazy, Cool, Awesome world of the Lyons Empire! Let’s see who comes out of the den roaring. Get your drinks and snacks lined up, set back and watch the #CookieMonster go to (…)

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Pajama, Pajamas, PJ’s or Jammies

by mitzimsa on February 19, 2015

I Don’t Care What You Call Them…Just keep them in house! Pajamas – Clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting shirt and pants / trouser. This is how I’ve always known Pajama’s to be (…)

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Empire: The Lyons Den!

by mitzimsa on February 18, 2015

 EMPIRE THE HIP HOP DYNASTY! EMPIRE ALERT!!! Today’s news reads… “Fox’s Empire is Now Tied With CBS Thursday Night Football in Live +7 Adults 18-49 Ratings.” Let me tell you….don’t count out the 50 and beyond where tuning in religiously as (…)

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Monopoly Board Game – A Family Choice!

by mitzimsa on February 16, 2015

Do You Want To Play Monopoly? I can remember back in the day when I first set down to learn the game of Monopoly. Those early years of learning where not fun. You had no chance in double hockey sticks at (…)

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What’s Type of Love Do Value?

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2015

Did you know there are 6 Types of Love? Colours of Love EROS  Passionate, physical, and emotional. It’s fiery and creates sexual contentment as well as sexual security. The kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach makes your body tingle in places (…)

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Valentine’s Day The Feast of Love

by mitzimsa on February 12, 2015

Go ahead indulge In The Celebration of Love! Whether you’re ready or not, if you like it or not Valentine’s Day is in your face!  Yah, I know it’s been tough walking in the mall or any store for that (…)

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A Living Donor by way of Giving Care

by mitzimsa on February 8, 2015

 A Care Giver is a Living Donor  Every time I see or hear the words “Living Donor” it causes me to pause.  This phrase has become a part of my world which I hear much to often being a wife of a dialysis patient (…)

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Saggy Boobs – Gravity Can’t Take All The Blame

by mitzimsa on February 2, 2015

Its inevitable your boobs will sag sooner or later! If your heavy like me take all the precaution you can, very small breasted women (ballerina types) need not worry!! One of many definitions I found for sagging is “hanging down”.  We (…)

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