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I Support the More Than A Pink Movement!

by mitzimsa on April 17, 2018

Spring 2018 More Than Pink Fundraising  Spring has Sprung the days are warmer, the grass is green and the trees and flowers are blossoming.  This is the time of year that everything has new life.  It’s also the time of (…)

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Menstruating Vs Period and the App for that!

by mitzimsa on August 3, 2016

Menstruating or Period It’s All The Same Menstruating Ugh!  When I was growing up and coming of age the dreaded experience of one day out of the blue bleeding from my private area was so scary. So scary that it (…)

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Relax, Refresh and Revive!

by mitzimsa on July 19, 2016

A healthy lifestyle… Go Ahead Relax, Refresh and Revive!! Set and feel the sun on our face and witness some of the beauty that’s around you! A retreat doesn’t have to always be with a group you can plan your (…)

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Pistachio: A Royal Nut

by mitzimsa on February 26, 2016

PISTACHIO One Cute Little Nut I can’t demand that the entire region’s Pistachio Harvest be set aside for me like the Queen of Sheba. But, I can kick scream and put my foot down when it comes to shearing my supply. (…)

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by mitzimsa on June 29, 2015

  Health and Wellness for your Dog! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander or should I say “what’s good for you is also good for your best friend, your dog!” We know that staying relaxed, pain free (…)

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The Honest Company!

by mitzimsa on March 9, 2015

 HONEST TO GOODNESS THEIR GREAT! The Honest Company – Not only do I love the name but the butterfly log is a symbol of being free and that’s exactly what these product are free of a lot of things that harm (…)

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A Living Donor by way of Giving Care

by mitzimsa on February 8, 2015

 A Care Giver is a Living Donor  Every time I see or hear the words “Living Donor” it causes me to pause.  This phrase has become a part of my world which I hear much to often being a wife of a dialysis patient (…)

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Saggy Boobs – Gravity Can’t Take All The Blame

by mitzimsa on February 2, 2015

Its inevitable your boobs will sag sooner or later! If your heavy like me take all the precaution you can, very small breasted women (ballerina types) need not worry!! One of many definitions I found for sagging is “hanging down”.  We (…)

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Cannabis Edibles Savory or Sweet?

by mitzimsa on October 6, 2014

Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Weed or Mary Jane it’s all the same! Gourmet edibles are a big business and everyone has become crazy for cup cakes, doughnuts, popcorn and gourmet flavored ice cream. Food trucks festives, fairs and gatherings deliver the best of the (…)

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by mitzimsa on September 3, 2014

 Eating  Fruits and Vegetables Of The Season  I’m big on cooking and eating fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. I so enjoyed the summer fruits and vegetables that taste as sweet and juicy as they looked and smelled! Now that we’re bidding (…)

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by mitzimsa on October 17, 2013

EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS THE GREAT SHAKEOUT 2013 I’m ready, are you? EarthQuake Preparedness:  The Great ShakeOut began in Southern California in 2008 and has since spread to other states and other countries. Over here on the Fox Lot we take Earthquake Preparedness seriously (…)

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by mitzimsa on April 28, 2013

Health: LOOKING FOR A SPRING FLING…. This year the winter here in Los Angeles has not been kind to me.  Summer is almost here and I’ve found myself nightly either at the computer doing my social butterfly thing, laid out (…)

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