Lifestyle Bloggers LA Event

by mitzimsa on March 13, 2015

LA Bloggers Come Together For Cocktails & Conversation! Recently I was invited to the Lifestyle Bloggers LA event hosted by Kitty Bradshaw of and Kyle Langan of   The event was sponsored and held at Tom’s Urban – LA Live (…)

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My Love For The First Lady

by mitzimsa on March 11, 2015

  I Can’t Get Enough of The First Lady! From where I stand today and over the last 5 + years when Michelle speaks we listen (as in the First Lady). We admire her poise and how she allows the (…)

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The Honest Company!

by mitzimsa on March 9, 2015

 HONEST TO GOODNESS THEIR GREAT! The Honest Company – Not only do I love the name but the butterfly log is a symbol of being free and that’s exactly what these product are free of a lot of things that harm (…)

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Mirado Black Warrior Pencil

by mitzimsa on March 6, 2015

A Pencil With Style! I haven’t quite decided what I love most about this pencil the fact that it’s black in finish with the gold lettering, that it bears two gold hearts (which are a favorite or mine), it’s made (…)

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Empire: Cookie Lyon Roars

by mitzimsa on March 4, 2015

COOKIE IS EVERYTHING Cookie – Here we go! So there was quite a bit going on in this episode of Empire, Cookie was getting everybody together.  After the roll in the hay with Luscious, Cookie reminisced about the day she had to (…)

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