by mitzimsa on April 28, 2013


This year the winter here in Los Angeles has not been kind to me.  Summer is almost here and I’ve found myself nightly either at the computer doing my social butterfly thing, laid out on the sofa or in the bed watching TV while chompin on something that my mind says “no” but my mouth say “yes please”!  The image of me eating my way through the “Biggest Loser” is oh so fresh in my mind.  Trust the junk that’s in this trunk is not a good thang.  Baby got back and it looks like I just rub those Almond Joy’s that I fell for all over my thighs.

Now that the weather is taking a change for the better, I’m feeling like I’m in a bad dream.  I’m afraid to go toward the other end of my closet that holds the skimpy, short  bright and white colors that say look at me I’m hot!  Something must be done.



Before I start my new health program, first things first, trip to the doctor-just to make sure that everything is in working order   Talk about having the tools; I belong to two fitness centers, Nike app on the iPod, fitness hoop w/instructions, a yoga mat and blocks to put in work.  None of these have seen the light of day or me since before I can remember.

Oh no! The universe has decided to open its mouth and speak to me…just got an e-mail requesting that I join a walking club that promotes a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t fair I didn’t think that anyone heard me nor did I think that the response time to my new health program would come so fast!  Well since I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and you should obey the signs, here we go….stay tuned for updates on my progress.

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