by mitzimsa on May 16, 2013


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I went to take care of a friend today, me.  It was so nice to be in this familiar place once again! Walking through the doors of  this incredible place of healing Unity Holistic reminded me of the fact that I’ve been too busy to take care of myself and that ain’t right!

After stripping down to my unmentionables and sliding between two nice crisp white scented sheets. Jon Cloud, Mr. Magic Hands of Unity is how I refer to him arrives.  He waves his healing hands over my body takes a few deep breaths and ask how much pressure would you like. My reply was medium and the healing began. Starting with the pressure points in my neck easing and gliding his hands on to my shoulders, I took in a deep cleansing breath and could now notice that the room was lit up with an amazing aroma and soothing jazz. I could feel the tension leave my body as he worked out every kink that my back was trying to hold on too.  He stretched out my hamstrings and gave my calves and feet a good rub down paying attention to each and every toe.

Recovering from the coma that Mr. Magic Hands had induced it was time for my facial. Microdermabrasian is my drug of choice, which will bring you back to reality with a quickness.  I would like to say that this is relaxing but in all honesty it hurts so good. Starting with the enzymatic exfoliation on to the physical exfoliation which I call extraction of blackheads from the pores. After sneezing and making noise like a whimpering puppy or my favorite laughing through the pain to keep from crying I’m home free.   Aww, the tender massage and applying of the masque to tighten and brighten and hydrate which gives me that healthy glow.  The Queen of  Makes Me Beam  has done it again, she applies sunscreen and I’m ready for the world but not out the door I have one more treatment in store for today.


No need to put on shoes just walk across the hall to my final room for the day. Lie on my back roll up the pants legs and prepare myself for acupuncture, I’ve requested more attention to the knees today.  It may sound crazy that I love this treatment it truly relieves my pain and relaxes me. The needles are so tiny that I can’t even feel them being inserted contrary to belief they seem to barely go into the skin.  This pain and all over body treatment brings balance, and peace to my well-being, it’s complex and hard to explain but this method of healing has been around for 2,5000 years and for me works well with western medicine.

Now that Unity has done what it takes to get my Mind, Body and Spirit back in balance, I’m feeling good, moving good and looking good, like a Baby Boomer should after all it’s the new 30!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and in need of a holistic awaking give my girl Lilly a call she can get you started on a path to enhance your inner beauty and manifest your outer radiance.

Unity Holistic

8805 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069


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