Difficult Times & The Reality Of It All

by mitzimsa on July 8, 2013


Difficult Times: The Reality Of It All

Difficult World In An EyeI read something today  that went a lil something like this…….

“Never forget these three types of people in your life”

1) People who help in difficult times

2) People who left in difficult times

3)People who put you through difficult times

Who Should Continue On In Your Life’s Journey???

I set down and thought about what I had read it made me start to think about the people that have been in and are now gone from my life. It also made me take a deeper look at who is in my life at present.  See the gift that God has given me happens to be insight, (you do know that he gave Insight To Peopleus all a gift?) seems I have a gift for helping people deal with difficult decisions and allowing them to learn and understand their role in the difficult situation. I’ve been told by many that I know and encounter that I tend to be able to read people like a book shortly after my first meeting. I pay close attention on how people treat people in general as well as people and possessions close to them.  We as people spend so much time trying to make other people and situations into what we would want them to be or worrying about what we want people to think of us.

Now let me make this CLEAR…. I do or say nothing to hurt but to enlighten and make situations clear (always being the devil’s advocate).  Since I find myself at the stage in life that allows me to not give a do-watt -ditty,  I serve up reality straight from the hip; yes I do.   See I’ve found over the years that people are not truly ready for the reality of it all. I just want people to look at things the way they are and not the way they would like for them to be.

My  friends (which I can count on one hand like mama said… ummm maybe two!) have now learned when they want to run something by me, they let me know at the beginning of a conversation if they want me to be real with them or just listen to what they have to say.  Nine times out of ten they call back Eye Heartwanting to know the real and I’m willing to put on my horns and turn up the heat, remember it’s all done with LOVE!



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