by mitzimsa on August 12, 2013

 Taste Of Summer Smells So Sweet!

Taste Fresh VeggiesYou can do some good eaten in the summer, this is when the fruit and veggies taste the way they should.  Walking through the store you can smell the sweetness of the fruit as soon as you walk into the produce department our try feeding your eyes and soul while walking your local farmers market.  Every chance I get I grab my recycled bags and off I go in search for a outdoor market to fill those bag with the best taste of summer I can find. 

To me there’s nothing like biting into a fresh salad where the taste of lettuce, tomato, radishes and cucumbers take me back to my childhood.  I remember the garden that my grandma had in her back yard and how people would stop by and share stories of their gardens giving’s, and how they were so kind to share their bounty as would my grandma. 

Me Oh My!  Preserving The Taste Of Summer…


As I got older my mother tested out her green thumb…that didn’t go so well as I recall.  But baby!  As long as there was summer and a abundance of fruits and vegetables my momma was a canning tootsie.  She really became known around town for her preserving of summer.  She had one rule, you must bring your jar back if you want a refill (guess the jars were expensive).  People didn’t seem to mind bringing them jars back because I’m telling you the service porch counters stayed full with jars ready to fill with jams and jelly made from summer fruit and let me not forget to mention some of the other hot items like pickles and peppers along with corn (of course I’m from Iowa). She made a sweet fruit sauce that had chunks of fruit that we poured over homemade vanilla ice cream. People never wanted to forget that, they would drive back to get it if they did; it was yum yum yammers! Come to find out she soaked the fruit in some type of brown liquor, I’m telling y’all it was good!

I know I started off by saying that you can do some good eaten in the summer but now that I think about it a bountiful Summer also turned into some good winter eaten as well!

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the Tasty Flavors of Summer by supporting our farmers at your local Farmers Markets.






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