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by mitzimsa on September 24, 2013


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Ok so everybody already knows that I’m always looking for an adventure. I had become bored with the same old go out to dinner with another couple routine. When it comes to my husband if it’s not about getting a big meal then it don’t sound like fun. Me on the other hand, I like to have a good time, always have and always will. See I can have a good time doing just about anything as long as you add one part new, one part exciting and let’s make it two parts dog gone dancing in the streets fun! So on my quest to get my fun back I discovered  Groupon & LivingSocial deals…Chil I can get pampered from the rooter to the tooter, go flying high in the sky, discover my inner artist and take a run in the mud. If none of those sound like fun check it out for yourself both in a major city near you.

Once went to a hip new creole spot in the LA Downtown Arts District, with a Groupon deal… it was a rainy night and we dined in the “winners circle”, which came with a continuous mist from the leaky roof all night long; small portions but tasty! All and all $25.00 got three of us appetizers. main course and dessert with a jazz band to boot!

Got my grove on a little south of my house, at pole dancing sessions…ugh ugh, I mean lessons! That darn LivingSocial deal had me in 8 classes where I learned to twist and turn stuff that I didn’t know I had. Slivered down the pole and drop to the floor with a little bounce all while wearing 3inch heels. All of this for only pennies since I had a $10 good customer coupon.  Being sexy is a work out!!

Honey, I even brought a deal for a clay target shooting range escapade. When I arrived at the location I received a crash course, issued a gun, jumped in the jeep with the instructor sportin protective gear. The instructor puts it in drive and we’re off for a ride. Next thing ya know all you hear is pull and I’m shootin at targets and feeling every bit of the kick back. Just so you know I should buy this one again when it comes around because I don’t believe I hit a one but it was fun fun fun!

Groupon, Vista & Me 

Business Card (3) I was real excited when I saw the     deal from Vista Print I paid $10.00 for $70.00 worth of items. First thing that came to mind “it’s time to order business card” logged on to their site and started designing the cards. Now I was thinking that with $70 to spend on Vista I could get a few more items so I continued to design tee, poster, post card and a magnet for my car. Honey, I thought I was going to really score with this one. Well when I got to the check out and found out that my wonderful design for cards was going to wipe out my entire budget, I was a little crushed to say the least but, let me tell you there was no disappointment when I received that little box of cards in the mail. They are as cute as I imagined! Even though I was only able to get the cards with my purchased deal, I’m a Winner! There so me!  If your in the market for an adventure take a chance on Groupon & Living Social Deals.

Until next time!

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