by mitzimsa on October 22, 2013

Dunkin isn’t just for Basketball &  Donuts Anymore!

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Dunkin Dipr

Dunkin cookies around here is a normal every day occurrence, I have a lot of little grandchildren their model is ” what’s a cookie without milk ” (learned behavior from the grandpa).  Me I’m not a fan due to the big mess that it makes from spilled glasses of milk which runs down the table to the floor or the after math of the stickiest fingers in town according to my calculation only!  Imagine my surprise and curiosity when I opened my email this morning from The Grommet. I saw a product that will solve at least one of my cookie dunkin problems. I’m so excited I don’t know which one to tell you about first the invention or the company. 

Well let’s start with the company. if you’re not familiar with the The Grommet it’s a site that I subscribe tologo that features some really cool products.  They are in the business of launching undiscovered products with a purpose, that are invented by people that have a story.  This product launching platform finds unique, undiscovered products and helps them succeed.  Their goal is to level the playing field so the best companies can win.  They’ve been around since 2008 helping inventors that have put in as they say “blood, sweat and tears” trying to get their product noticed by a bigger audience.  They pay special attention to underrepresented entrepreneurs:  People under age 25, people over age 65, and women of all ages.  These are the entrepreneurs that tend to have a harder time raising capital and striking partnership due to their profile not matching the typical stereotype of a successful company.  They also like to align themselves with business with one or more of the following values.

 Preserving a handcraft

Solving a problem in a fresh way

Creating jobs in a struggling or developing region

Building a social enterprise

Fostering green and eco-friendly practices

Made in the USA

Inventing a new technology



So you can see why I get so excited when I see their e-mail in my in box,  I know up on opening I will find some crazy cool products to purchase and that I’m playing a part in helping people like me to succeed!

Now with all that being said check out http://www.thegrommet.com/ you never know what you might find that can help make your daily life a little easier!  Back to my problem, the cookie dunkin issue!  Featured today is The Dipr Cookie Spoon!  Founded by Robert and Julie Haleluk The Dipr is the ultimate cookie spoon that makes dipping your cookie in milk an epic experience without dropping your cookie into the milk.  As for the spills I can’t say The Dipr Cookie Spoon can help with my crowd. But I’m sure it will solve the problem of 14 little grubbie sticky finger prints on the walls while making cookie time even more fun!  http://www.thegrommet.com/the-cookie-spoon-dipr 




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Mitzi, wow. Thank you for so enthusiastically supporting our mission here at The Grommet (and this Grommet in particular). We get excited about every product we launch and to read the enthusiasm you share here, has made our day. We appreciate your support and the time you’ve taken to share with your readers. More importantly, our Partners, the people behind these great ideas, they appreciate it. Thanks Mitzi!

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