Grilled Sandwich Recipe: Chicken Basil Tomato Grilled Cheese

by mitzimsa on November 12, 2013

Grilled Sandwich Recipe: 

Chicken Basil Tomato Grilled Cheese Grilled Sandwich Ingredients

Grilled Sandwich Treat:  When I was a kid there was nothing better than a Grilled Cheese made by my mother.  Now I make them for my grandchildren with different types of cheese and plenty of it.  I like to come up with various types of ingredients to incorporate into a grilled cheese sandwich.  This one came about due to my love for the popular Italian appetizer of the tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella cheese.  Now those three ingredients would have been fine for me but when it comes to my husband he likes his grilled cheese a bit basic, he and the grandchildren have a love for chicken that’s undeniable no matter how it’s prepared it can be fried, baked or grilled doesn’t much matter as long as it chicken. So for the grilled cheese below I use either grilled or rotisserie chicken. It’s sweet and savory and works for all in my household!


4 Slices King’s Hawaiian Bread

1 Large Beef Stake Tomato

4-6 oz. part-skim mozzarella cheese, sliced thin

10-12 oz. fontina cheese, sliced thin

12-16 large basil leaves

Honey – enough for drizzling on one slice of bread for each sandwich

I can’t believe it’s not butter (CBNB) – to coat bread on both side for grilling

Directions for two sandwiches


Grilled Sandwich with Chicken

Spread CBNB with your desired amount on one slice of bread 

On the other slice of bread spread honey with your desired amount

On honey slice of bread arrange fontina cheese

Layer sliced chicken breast on top of the fontina cheese

Layer tomato on top of chicken breast followed by a layer of basil

Layer mozzarella cheese on top of basil

Spread CBNB with your desired amount on the additional slice of bread and top off the sandwich

Cover both outside of the bread with CBNB with your desired amount

Preheat you cooking surface (stove top grill or skillet)

Grill sandwich on each side in a covered skillet or grill to insure the cheese melts evenly about 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the temperature of your cooking surface. Grill sandwich until lightly browned or to your desired color.

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