Kleenex Tissue Box: How Do You Repurpose?

by mitzimsa on November 30, 2013

Kleenex Tissue Box Recycle Project

20131103_163418 (2)Kleenex Tissue Box DIY: People have been repurposing containers for different uses for as long as I can remember, little did I know then that this was my first experience with recycling. Why even in the best households you would find a repurposed container from time to time for some reason or another. With the state of our planet we all should be concerned with saving resources and recycling.

With the holidays being upon us I want to share a DIY project that I did with the help of a Kleenex Tissue Box. I wish I could take credit for this gem, but I can’t.


Recycle     Repurpose     Reuse

Recently I received a package from my husband’s aunt. It was a perfect cute square, sturdy box that had been wrapped in brown paper and shipped off to me via the U.S. Postal Service.  Imagine my surprise once I removed the paper and  tape, I discovered that the box was actually a Kleenex Tissue Box! It was wrapped in brown paper of a grocery store bag (another great re-purpose).  This took me back to a  time I once used the funny papers and magazine pictures for gift wrap, added great embellishments and received so many raving reviews!  I set the Kleenex Box to the side, I was in awe and I wanted to share this discovery with others.

 Think Outside The Tissue Box

Within the next few days I found myself in need of wrapping a gift I could not find a box anywhere in the house. After looking high and low it hit me I had saved the Kleenex Tissue Box from Aunt Susie and the item would fit perfect!

Follow along as I wrap this cute little package and top it off with a pink bow!

I’ll never look at a Kleenex Tissue Box the same, you might think twice before you throw out those empties…never know when you’ll find yourself in a pinch!

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