by mitzimsa on January 14, 2014

20th Century Fox Adventure with Lady M 

This month started with a bang and the whirlwind continues. I had several places that I needed to be at the very same time right before the holiday!  Of course I still had to tend to all the cleaning, shopping and cooking but, it’s all in the daily adventure of my life at 20th Century Fox.

 Any who! I had several events on the same day at the same time!  One falls under the  pleasure catagory and the other was lending a helping hand with the 20th Century Fox-FoxGives Volunteer Program.  Anyone that knows me knows that my first pick would be to  extend my hands to help those in need. 



I jumped aboard the 20th Century Fox-FoxGives Mini Bus #1, with #2 and #3 to follow (we roll 50 deep)  off we went through the streets of Los Angeles on our field trip to the Bresee Foundation. A Nonprofit Organization that serves youth in the mid-Wilshire/Koreatown area of Los Angeles.  The foundation is located in the area of Los Angeles that is home to 805 active gang members of 9 major gangs in the city.  Bresee Foundation fulfills the gap that resulted from school budget cuts which reduced academic and art programs.  The Bresee Foundation focuses on education and life skills development to improve opportunities for the youth and to improve the quality of life in this community.

When we arrived the line had already formed, it was so nice to see all the glowing faces as they watched us fall out of the bus in our FoxGives Tee’s ready to be of service.  It’s been about 6 month since we last rolled up to this foundation, the last time they witnessed our arrival we came to build bikes for the children.  They know when we show up we show out but they never know what’s in store. This time was no different from the last, I could tell by the curiosity that showed on their faces; so warming!

 FoxGives volunteers made a mad dash into the tent slid on our aprons and started setting tables, making salads, and stacking trays in anticipation of the announcement “Dinner Is Served”  While the guest dined and listen to the surprise speaker for the evening AC Green we became little elves and stuffed goodie bags to distribute as we bid them a good night with well wishes for the holiday!


Meanwhile back on the Fox Lot according to my sources the Music Department (which I’m a member of) was celebrating the dedication of the Fox Music Building to one of the most prolific composers of our time Mr. Lionel Newman.  Now from what I’m told there were some heavy hitter in the house for this event.  Some just heavy to us here on the lot but others are heavy hitter in the eyes of the public…just to mention one Mr. Steven  Spielberg.  The little birds told me that everyone was all a flutter trying to get pictures with him to post on Facebook.  I’m just grateful that there were no stories of someone going in for the autograph. The mere thought if said out loud will almost get you thrown off the lot and of course everyone will give the slant eye and shun you for some time (A Big Honey Boo Boo around these parts). So while they carried on with their fancy hors d’oeuvres and champagne under a dim lit tent in their cocktail attire (yes, I’m throwing shade).  I was under a well lit tent setting tables, stuffing bags and up to my elbows in a wonderful donated Boston Market Thanksgiving Dinner for 400 guest; and I like it…makes the heart feel good!

To sum it all up I know I would have enjoyed the dedication, it looked like it was one heck of a good time by all the pictures that I received of the evening.  My peeps know and understand who I am but they wanted me to share in the event through pictures and I’m so glad they did so that I could share part of my 20th Century Fox adventurous life with you!



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