Patron Tequila Social Club

by mitzimsa on January 9, 2014


I’ve been a fan of Patron for the last 25 years, I enjoy the smooth taste as well as the verity that’s offered. I’m one of the belief that Tequila is not to be mixed but poured straight up. But I must say that I have been intrigued lately by some of the mixed drink recipes that I have viewed on the Patron site. Personally I can’t recall a time that I was drinking Patron that wasn’t a good time! This time around I’ll have my Patron XO Café and eat my cake too! Yes, Patron Tequila and Cake… there both giving me life right about now!

As a member of the Patron Social Club one of the perks is, your gifted on your Birthday with a Mocha Double Chocolate Chunk Patron XO Café Tequila Coffee Liqueur Bundt Cake (now that’s a mouth full)!

Fast forward after the Fed Ex truck pulled off from the curb…


I opened the box with ease to find a cute little black box nestled within. I cracked that baby open to find an aluminum package that had some weight to it. Once I pulled open the foil covering to my surprise was this moist aromatic cute chocolate bundt cake that had been soaked in Patron. Just getting the cake to the plate without it dripping and sticking to my fingers was a delight, honey I knew that this was going to be a finger good lickin time…and it was!

My suggestion to any Tequila lover would be to:

First make yourself acquainted with the Patron Brand.

Second join the Patron Social Club.

Third set back wait for your birthday to roll around.  

You’ll thank me when that Fed Ex truck makes a drop at your door with the best little Tequila Drenched Chocolate Chunk Cake you ever tasted. Oh I forgot it’s a Mocha Double Chocolate Chunk Bundt Cake that is DAMN GOOD!

Thanks Patron, for the good times!!

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