Bacon Wave As Seen On TV

by mitzimsa on February 5, 2014


Bacon Wave

I received the Bacon Wave from a co-worker over the holiday.  He knew that I was a bacon lover by the fact that I would usually bring in bacon every morning to warm in the microwave for breakfast.  I recently stopped my normal practice due to the aroma traveling throughout the building and calling everyone to the kitchen to see who was stinking up the air with the bacon goodness! To be truthful I started to feel guilty that I did not have enough to offer to everyone.

I was so surprise when I was presented with the Bacon Wave but could not help to think that there was a hidden message or maybe it was just my guilt taking over once again.  Any who, it’s now weeks later and I decided to give a whirl.

Bacon Cooked To Perfection

The Bacon Wave holds an entire pound of bacon and is quite easy to use, just stand each slice of bacon up in the slots once you have all the bacon in the slots that you wish to cook thread the two skewers through the bacon by sliding through the groves on each side which are meant to keep the bacon from crinkling up during cooking. The instructions do not suggest that you spray with non-stick cooking spray or cover with a napkin while cooking.  I did both the previous mentioned because I like easy clean up and I defiantly don’t want grease splattered all over my microwave. I set the microwave on one minute for each slice that I had placed in the tray to cook.  Upon opening the microwave I had perfectly crisp flat bacon as if I had cooked it on top of the stove with a weight. I give this As Seen On TV Bacon Wave Microwave Tray a golden star, it cooked the bacon to perfection. As well as held up to every claim of fame listed on the box.

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