Shirley Temple: Cheers To You!

by mitzimsa on February 24, 2014

Shirley Temple: The Women & Her Drink:

Right to this day when I’m out on the town and not partaking in sprit’s I order a Shirley Temple.  Some adjustment have been made from the original mocktail as there is a cocktail that also bares the name. Either way it tickles my fancy weather the original or modern recipes.

As a child, one sip of this girly drink and I would  tie on my tap shoes and do a perfect number. My mom would laugh out loud as she encouraged me to keep going!

Through the years, many travels and a hell of a lot of Shirley Temple’s who would have guessed that I would end up working in a place that the Butler and Chef worked at the famous Chasen’s Restaurant.  Chasen’s is where Hollywood dined in it’s prime and where the Shirley Temple was concocted.  History says that Miss Temple was out one Shirley Temple night at dinner with her parents, her parents ordered Old Fashions before dinner. Shirley  was quite upset that she didn’t have a special drink before dinner so right there on the spot the Shirley Temple was born.


Any who, now  I’m all grown up and working for Mr. Television himself…. and not afraid to say I have had a whril or two with the Big Girl’s Shirley Temple…The Dirty Shirley!  One day the Butler over-heard me refer to my favorite girly drink, he turned to me ever so slightly and gave a big smile.  When he returned he was holding a pretty little drink with  maraschino cherries on a silver tray. Since it was a day that we had visitors in the office be had on his white gloves which made this even more special! I will say it was one darn good Shirley Temple!  I’m quite upset with myself  that I never had him pour me a Dirty Shirley because he proved with the original that it wasn’t his first swirl with a swizzle stick.Shirley Temple Statue on Fox Lot



Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting Shirley, like most I feel as if I knew her. Not that it matters much but I find it a bit ironic that I’ve been chaseing Shirly every since I was a child from watching her movies, tapping my toes, drinking her namesake drinks and several associations through six degrees of speeration.  Now, working on the movie lot that she helped save through her movies while the country was still in the great depression.

So ladies, if your keeping it classy in the middle of the day, you can never go wrong with a Shirley Temple but, don’t be afarid after dark to let loose and get Dirty or Double Dirty with Shirley!


Thanks Mitzi for a look back at my Shirley Temple bronze sculpture! I have not seen it since the unveiling. Could use a coat of wax though, but still looking good. The unveiling and meeting the legendary Shirley Temple was one of the highlights of my life.
All the best,


by Nijel Binns - October 1, 2014 - 12:01 am. Reply #

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

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