Ninja Detective: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit

by mitzimsa on April 22, 2014

Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective

If you have a middle school child and they haven’t mate Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective they’re missing out! From the moment I saw the cover of this book, I knew that it would be perfect for my granddaughter!

Ninja Detective Book Cover

This tough girl from the city doesn’t mess around when It comes to solving a case.  Taking some cues from her dad’s fictional detective books, this vigilante has been solving petty crimes in her Brooklyn neighborhood that the NYPD won’t even consider for almost a year.

 Follow  this red head Brooklyn girl on her Tennessee journey. Which is where she ends up a year after her mother dies, as her and her father start their new life in a small town. She soon finds a case that needs to be solved and befriends a boy by the name of D.C. as an accomplish. D.C. has a passion for Tae Kwon Do and Bruce Lee which are two subjects close to Randi’s heart.  They become the first 2 member of the Club Ninja Detectives and jump on the case of the missing Time Capsule.



Ninja Detective:  Deer Creek Mystery

This city girl knows how to follow a clue, The Ninja Detectives have three days before the Founders Day Festival to solve the mystery of the time capsule that has gone missing.   The towns people of Deer Creek, Tennessee believe that this treasure holds the future of the whole town and it’s survival which is at stake now that the time capsule is missing. The Ninja Detective’s go to work and nothing will stop them, not even a haunted cabin or facing mean suspects.

This is a good read for boys and girls with adventure, mystery and a lessons in standing up to bullies as well as learning to deal with the diversity of life as it comes their way.  The Ninja Tasks that are injected into the story by Appendix A-H is a cleaver way for your child to be interactive with the story.  They even have a chance to become a card-carrying member of the Ninja Detectives by logging in to

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