Love Affair: The Untold Secret

by mitzimsa on May 1, 2014


It’s been two years since I attempted to fall out of love with you, my oldest and dearest friend.  We have been through many tough times together. Why I don’t know how I would have ever made it through all the late nights without your love.

Short Love Quote


When everyone tried to pull me to their side, you kept calling me back.  I can remember the time when some of my family members tried to get me to go to the other side, I tried but it just didn’t work out. You welcomed me back with nothing but love. Oh, the sigh of Awww that I released from my lips when we were (singing) Back Together Again!! 


When I was sick, you were right beside me, when I was sad you gave me comfort and when I was heated you cooled me down. Friend, you always made me happy. We had one hell of a bubbly time together!!

Everyone knew when they saw me that you couldn’t be far behind because we were always side by side and hand in hand!  Remember how we would go out on the town? You in your red (you always wore red) and me in whatever was the hottest fashion craze at the time.  Man, we went everywhere together, sometime we would have to meet up but, we never spent much time apart.  Then one day I was told that you were not good for me and every bad side of you was reveiled. It was said that I should consider not hanging with you so much,  little by little I pulled away until I decided that it would be better if we just parted ways.


Even though it’s been a couple of years I find myself missing you more and more these days. It’s an addiction that I thought I had shook, ya know me and you.  I’m just writing this note to remind myself that you’re no good for me even though I want you back in my life right NOW!!

Coca Cola Love On The Beach

 So today as bad as I would like to get together, I know in my heart that it’s the wrong thing to do.  Your just no good for me I’ll have to continue to admire you from afar.

Coca~Cola you’re the best  and always will be!

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