Babies & Baby Dolls Not My Thing! Gods Plan Was Waiting In The Wings

by mitzimsa on June 17, 2014


I’ve never had that fire or desire to give birth to babies. Why as a child, for the short period of time that I played with dolls they were just that my doll the activity just did not hold my interest. My father and mother always made sure that I had every new baby doll that came on the market during the time that dolls were being made to reflect me (brown in color). My friends and relatives found so much pleasure with bathing, changing and combing hair  of their dolls.  While I found it more gratifying to sneak into my mother’s face powder, lip stick and perfume.

Life and Babies

As time passed the desire to style clothing, coordinate nail color and seek out the cutest shoes and bags consumed my free time. The request for and receiving fashion magazines domestic and international was the passion that my father found to be so strong, he felt subscriptions were in order. I would wait with bated breath monthly to see what the latest craze was so that I could head to the mall to purchase what would keep me at the height of fashion.

Unlike today when getting mani/pedi’s is just something that you do this little black girl wore french tips and half moons and was the topic of discussion of the ritzy white ladies when my mother lead me into the salon for my appointment. The magazines guided me to seek out these beauty treatments along with visits to the dermatologist for what I referred to as preventive maintenance, which always made the doctor chuckle.

While class mates were more interested in getting to the basketball, football games and the big dance after the games on Friday night. I was more concerned with what I would wear to these events. I even took up tennis just to put on those cute little skirts with matching everything. I’m not sure I would have been a member of the drill team if it wasn’t for the short blue dress, white boots with tassels and pom poms!! I became known to teachers as the trend setter “If Mitzi does it today… tomorrow it will be the new fashion trend, just take a look down the hall” This comment always brought my parents to tears with laughter all the while beaming with pride.


enjoy_life-1440x900Funny thing while living my life childless and fancy free, riding around in a two -seater just enough room for my purse and me. I started dating a father of 4 that in turn produced 8. So Now I find myself having play dates and interjecting the magic of childhood into many little lives . There’s one thing I feel compelled to say… I’m way past child bearing and I don’t regret my decision at all. My life is very full and I guess only God knows what he has in store for us as we travel down life’s road. I’m a teacher, mentor, mother figure and friend to many children that I didn’t give birth to guess that was God’s plan for me in the end.

In summation of it all, I’ll leave you with a phrase that I’ve always said…”When baby needs new shoes make them cute and a size 10, I want to dance until the party ends!”

This post was inspired by an artical I read on CNN: Check your ‘cat-lady’ preconceptions about childless women by Kelly Wallace



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