Little Sista, As You Graduate An Encouraging Word For You!

by mitzimsa on June 16, 2014

The commencement speech has been given, the hat has been thrown let the world hear you roar!    

Little Sista Graduation Podium





These words are for all the Little Sista’s of the world…

Your nationality doesn’t matter nor the  color of your skin, if your hair is short or long; if you’re full and curvy or string bean thin. Your eyes may be light or of a darker hue it really doesn’t matter eyes are the window to your soul and give us the pure view of you.

Little Sista, you may come from nothing, you may have it all or fall somewhere in between. It’s your character and staying fascinated with what the world has to offer that will bring your greatest wealth.

Rolling around in a pricey car or on the bus, just remember both will get you where you need to go. See, it don’t matter if you live in the suburbs or in the hood just remain thankful your living.  Every new day bring the oppertunity for change.

Little, Sista, you may study at a major university or community college either one will do. It’s that paper you receive in the end that’s going to unlock the doors for you. Always love yourself the most, set you goals high and know that your confidence is one of your greatest possessions.

Just know Little Sista, if you’re working for a major corporation or at the local burger stand both can unlock opportunity that will advance you in your plan. Realize you have a mind of your own and your sprit belongs to you seek to find the positive in all situations it will look good on you!

It makes me no never mind if you carry a designer bag or rock a knock off, if the soles on your shoes have red bottoms or red tags. Little Sista, fine treads on your back are nice but hand me down’s can be just as fine as long as you stay loyal to the true you, fashion is a state of mind.

Little Sista, do the world a favor remember always be true to you, stay  beautiful, intelligent and strong there’s nothing you can’t conquer with that attitude.  Never stop or give up on your dream, hold it close and keep it as your own. No one can dream your dream it’s unique like you go forth, carry on!


I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass!  ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

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That is so inspiring and great advice about what really matters.

by Kitty Bradshaw - July 6, 2014 - 4:07 pm. Reply #

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