Chuck E Cheese Washed Away The Play Date Blues!

by mitzimsa on August 4, 2014

Need A Chuck E Cheese Play Date









Get Out & Play!

I jumped on the road and headed north of Los Angeles to San Jose for BlogHer14! After my arrival the grandkids called and said I was too far away from home. I tried to put those little minds at ease, by explaining that I was out running, jumping, screaming and having some fun with my friends like they do when the go out to play! I was sure that my answer would be accepted since I had delivered the news with childlike wonder in my voice!! Well, that was a #fail, in unison the reply was “We like to have fun so we should be with you” Great, now my heart is laying on the floor and I’m feeling guilty…I officially have the Play Date Blues.

Since this was my first BlogHer experience, I wanted to take it all in, after all I shelled out a pretty penny to get here.  I needed to make sure that I made the expense worthwhile. With eyes wide open I walked through the doors of the Expo Hall. To no surprise what I found was very similar as to what I had described to my grandkids earlier in the day…the hall was all a buzz, laughing, tears of joy, and screams you could feel the excitement! There were all types of brands being represented it appeared there was something for everyone.

As I weaved my way through the sea of ladies with their cards in hand, I noticed they were making a bee line toward on particular booth I couldn’t quite tell the brand. But, as I turned the corner it was clear to see that my Play Date Blues would soon come to a halt, once I made it to the front of the line to chat with the Chuck E Cheese Crew Member! As I waited patiently I noticed there were games stacked high and a spinning wheel was available to give your luck a try. To the right of the wheel Mr. Operation stood in all his glory and gander with lights in full bloom!  While waiting my turn I sized up the wheel hoping to land on Monopoly and receive one of the green little totes that held the famous gold coins (tokens).

 My Big Spin On The Chuck E Cheese Wheel

Finally it was my turn, I took one step back and put all I had into my spin! Yes! I did it, it stopped on my game of choice!! I reached for my game and I thought I would be on my way, that is until one of the Chuck E Cheese Crew member started to inquire if I had children. I laughed and replied “no little ones for me but, I’m a proud grandmother of eight!” The crew member introduced herself and handed me a Guest Pass along with her business card. In return I handed her my card and took one last glance at hers…the heading read “We Want To Partner With You!!!



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