Cannabis Edibles Savory or Sweet?

by mitzimsa on October 6, 2014

Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Weed or Mary Jane it’s all the same!
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Gourmet edibles are a big business and everyone has become crazy for cup cakes, doughnuts, popcorn and gourmet flavored ice cream.

Food trucks festives, fairs and gatherings deliver the best of the best in each category. Truck food chasing has become date nights for couples and friends. The craze to follow food trucks on social media while stalking the truck has become quite common and sometimes looked upon as an addiction.

With the explosion of the marijuana legalization in several U.S. states and more states facing filing of paticition to legalize, the demand for more options of consumption other then smokeing is on the rise.

People have long claimed the pain releveing effects of marijuana.  Doctors have been skpecile in the past but are jumping on the band wagon by distribution of license. The license allows one to get stoned to cope, mask or dull pain. There seems to be a strain for just about every elment one may have. The clinics will advise as to what keeps you peppy while stimulating hunger, can put you to sleep at night or what kind you should choose to give the affect your in search of without the munchies…who new!

As I recall early this year here in Los Angeles a marijuana farmers market by the name of California Heritage Market was held. Cannabis and it’s edible counterparts were on display for direct sale from the grower and or maker of the products.  People lined up for blocks and blocks with cash in hand and more than a 4 hour wait to get their hands on their product of choice.  Quite as it’s kept there’s even a sexual enhancement product for women.   This product is going to require some additional research so we’ll cover this at a later date.

You know, you want to know or be in the know… so check out this video!  Loll!!

All At Your Local Cannabis Dispensaries

The last I knew when you picked up a prescription you went to a pharmacy or drug store. The only way that I knew you could consume cannabis (marijuana) was to  smoke, drink as a tea or eat in the form of a brownie. Today picking up your prescription can be in the form of a cookie, rice treat, lollipop, soda, taffy and now pizza sauce!  The LA based Podey Pizza has started selling jars of pot-infused pizza sauce at marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington State and Colorado.

Pizza Has Gone To Pot


Yes I said pizza sauce, from my understanding this is the newest way to consume cannabis on the market.   Each 5-ounce jar of Podey Pizza sauce sells for $20 and contains 300mg of medical cannabis per jar, enough for one large pizza or two smaller ones, according to Steve Thomas, Podey Pizza’s vice president of operations.

Natural High Pie

If your not into making your own pizza do not fret  Stoned Oven Gourmet Mandibles, also based in Los Angeles, just started selling six-inch pot pizzas for $10 each. Each pizza contains 250 mg of ethanol-extracted tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC concentrate, best of all: The company will deliver its cannabis pizzas for now… to the doors of a limited number of neighborhoods!  This is going to cause some serious post code envy!!!

Any who, click below on  leave your comment!  Let us know what you think about legalization, all the new options of consumption or your review of anything you’ve tried!!!


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