GMC Denali Slayed The Storm

by mitzimsa on January 21, 2015

Sexy Red Denali

GMC Acadia

Its girl’s night out! We loaded up in the GMC Acadia Denali and hit the 91 Hwy East to Pala Casino Spa & Resort. As the driver, I set back listen to the conversation going on in the cab, joined in when needed and interjected many comments about traffic conditions. Even though in bumper to bumper traffic I was happy with the glide of the ride in this vehicle.  The 4-way power seat adjustment and lumbar provided unbelievable comfort in the driver’s seat.  I must say the driver alert monitors kept me in check and when I caught a chill (little cold snap in So. Cal at the moment) I hit the seat warmer and melted into the leather.

We all speculated what could be the cause of the backup of traffic. In my mind I could hear the voices of the husbands that had warned us that it was getting to late for us to get on the road. Now, we’re all big girls and can take care of ourselves so we brushed off what they had to say and hit the road anyway. I’m sure by now you problem think that we’re a bunch of crazy women on our way to let loose on the slots and tables have a few drinks and just let the good times roll…well your mostly right the main reason for our visit was to take part in the all you can eat Lobster/Crab Buffet gambling was just a bonus. This buffet will make you eat yourself into a food coma this is food porn at its best! Loll

The traffic started to get us all in a tizzy when it looked as if we might not make it in time for this food extraganiza. We all knew the hours of the buffet where from 4-9 and the GPS Navigator had estimated the arrival time to be 8:05 pm.  Questions started to come to mind like, “what time do they close the line?” and “how much time will they allow you to eat? (remember it’s an all you can eat)” a call to the casino was in order. Once they put our minds at ease that as long as we were in line before the 9:00 pm cut off we would be able to satisfy our seafood addiction!

Back to the smooth riding Denali! 

Denali As the traffic cleared and gave room for Sexy Red (my nick name for the Denali) to put her V6 to the test.  She took each and every bump and curve in the road with ease, why one tap of the accelerator pushed her to 70mph in a matter of seconds and the On Star Navigation highlighted the decrease in time of arrival to our destination.  As the night sky begin to fall Sexy Red gave off a red glow with the illumination of the inside instrument panels. Before we could blink we rolled up the side of the mountain and received a welcome from the Valet of the Pala Casino Spa and Resort!

All that can be said about buffet, is you should have been the fly on the wall when it came to the conversation at the dinner table.  Once we took our place at the slots it was bright lights dancing & flashing at the tune of the bells and whistles…but that’s definitely a subject for another article.

Time To Put The Big Sexy Red Denali Back On The Road

To my surprise it’s 2:30 in the morning and not one call from the husbands!  What pulled us away from the slots and led us back on the road was an overheard conversation that it had started to SNOW.  SNOW? Apparently the cold snap had turned into a full on winter storm with blizzard conditions (remember I live in LA)!

This information had one of the passengers a little freaked out, and for good reason. When we stepped outside the casino the cold smacked me right up side my head as the wind gave a moment of levitation and a jolt of adrenaline that coffee could never match.  If you’re a Cali Girl and have not had exposed to driving in these conditions it will give you a scare weather you’re the driver or not.  This Iowa born and bred girl had not one worry, why with my experience driving in these conditions and the Stabilitrak-Stability Control System with Traction Control we would slay this snow storm.

Waiting for Sexy Red seemed like forever in the freezing temps. When she arrived I hoisted myself up on that assist step and practically dove into the driver’s seat made all the usual adjustments for a comfortable drive and was on my way!

Snow, where is the snow? Yes, I thought I was in Alaska due to the cold but this wasn’t snow it was rain or sleet which I usually reference to as hell snow for Los Angeles which sometime comes during a heavy rain storm.  But, as we moved down the mountain the rain started to take on a familiar slant and started to stick to the ground. Aww there it is…the SNOW!  Personally I was type excited to see the white stuff!!  We were passing by vehicles that had not been as lucky as us to be in such a well-equipped piece of machinery that was able to keep us safe and sound as we traveled the white covered slippery road.

Hell Snow?  NO IT’S SNOW!!

View from the Denali

View From The Denali

Those All-Season Blackwall Wheels took on that slipper road like a champ the heated chrome mirrors along with the defrost system kept every angle clear for my viewing of the road conditions.  The XM had been set on a smooth jazz station that kept everyone at ease while I griped the leather wrapped steering wheel and took it nice and easy.  Once all the passengers had confidence in Sexy Red and I the ride became even more enjoyable under the conditions.  With the relaxation conversation became light with no fear, cameras came out for snap shots and video and the built in Hotspot went into use for posting on social media. By the time we arrived back in Los Angeles ready to snuggle in our beds and give our husbands an update on the road trip Instagram had already told the story

GMC, that Acadia FWD Denali is one hell of a ride!














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