Enter The Empire Lyons Den

by mitzimsa on February 25, 2015

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for the Sexy, Crazy, Cool, Awesome world of the Lyons Empire!


Let’s see who comes out of the den roaring. Get your drinks and snacks lined up, set back and watch the #CookieMonster go to work.

Last week Cookie put everyone on notice that not even her sons are allowed to mess with her makin her coins!  Empire gave us; showcases, love lost, drugs and drug addicts, fighting, long lost unknown children popping up and, lets not forget the snake in the grass Anika slithering through.  Not sure what we’re in store for this week but the one thing I’m sure of is Anika’s little stunt she pulled with Empires first artist did not make the impact that she hoped for. The show did go on, and on and on.

Anika thought she would play cookie like a fiddle but while she was playing, Cooke took her to school. Lucius gave Cookie the green light to convince the buyers as to why they should be on board and Mama Lyon sold that shit!! See that’s what happens when you think you can crumble Cookie… you get eaten.


When we left off last week Cookie was up on her high horse literally and it looked as if she rod it like a champ. Baby when she walks up to the plate she knock’s it out the park, that damn ball boomeranged back and slapped Anika dead in the face. Sooner or later they all will believe that Cookie is definitely back to get her piece of  the Empire!  That’s what she said……….


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