Monopoly Board Game – A Family Choice!

by mitzimsa on February 16, 2015

Do You Want To Play Monopoly?

Original MonopolyI can remember back in the day when I first set down to learn the game of Monopoly. Those early years of learning where not fun. You had no chance in double hockey sticks at winning. Yah, first it’s all roses but once the game went into the competition level compassion for you being a beginner or being the young one in the bunch went straight out the window.

You learned early on that you wanted to own Board Walk and Park Place so that you could collect lots of money every time someone parked on your property! But before you could get to owning property on the board you had to go through whatever was determined as the pre-game to pick your personal game piece. The Car, Hat, Dog, seem to always be the first to go…so I always ended up somewhere around the Thimble on down!

Join Forces In The Game Of Monopoly

Since you couldn’t root for yourself to be the winner, even though you kept the vision in your head. You always listened and sided with one of the other players and took their direction, which was mostly for their gain in the game but that was okay!Eventfully you learn to play the game, kept the vision alive and became the Cum Laude, Grand Puba, Master, King or Queen of the Hill! You’re now one of the kids that get to set at the big table like at Thanksgiving!

 What’s Your Opoly?

What reminds me of it all you may ask, my grandchildren have requested to move into more advanced board games; Monopoly by name. You’ve already heard my youthful experience but now days it doesn’t have to be soo… ya know, while trying to get the concept. They have more version of this game that has the tail end of their name as opoly than I care to count! Monopoly Junior to Millionaire you can play on line as a card game, TV Shows to Animated Characters have version. Why from time to time we play at this little burger joint with golden arches and then there’s the lottery and I’d be remised if I left out the occasional chance I take at the slots on a trip to the casino! Now that I think of it learning to play this Hasbro game must be classified as a right to passage! Here’s a fact that I didn’t know when I set down to write this post…this is the month of Monopoly’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Monopoly!!!


Mine would be Hip Hop Monopoly… but not sure if that was a thing… lol. I remember someone did try to bootleg a Hip Hop version once, but it was shut down.

by Dove - February 17, 2015 - 10:47 pm. Reply #

I remember having such a hard time when I was little with Monopoly but it really helped me learn about counting and paying attention. I still love it because it was harder than the others 🙂

by BusyBee - February 18, 2015 - 6:45 am. Reply #

I LOVE monopoly. My friends to this day…HATE playing with me. Oh well. It’s a great game.

by Keisha R - February 18, 2015 - 6:47 am. Reply #

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