Saggy Boobs – Gravity Can’t Take All The Blame

by mitzimsa on February 2, 2015

Its inevitable your boobs will sag sooner or later!

If your heavy like me take all the precaution you can, very small breasted women (ballerina types) need not worry!!

Perky Boobs Not Wilted Flowers

One of many definitions I found for sagging is “hanging down”.  We think of sagging as drooping or sinking from weight or pressure. This I can truly relate too! Then there’s the God awful sighting of pants hanging off someone behind giving a clear view of their underwear and hopefully not their ass-et!  But, when it comes to sagging boobs there are a few other culprits besides menopause and gravity that contribute to the SAGGING BOOBS!

Boobs Up Boobs Down Like A Yo-Yo

I’m not a fad dieter but I do yo-yo diet based on how I’m feeling – I never knew this would contribute to sagging boobs. Since skin loses elasticity when it’s stretched…that stretch, shrink, stretch, shrink syndrome leads to sagging due to boobs being made up of mostly fat. Most women lose and gain weight in their boob area first!

Barricade The Boobs

I know most of you are not working that sunscreen the way you should – Put sunscreen on all skin that will be exposed during the day. In the warmer months be sure you cover the skin left exposed while sporting those skimpy tanks, tees and sundresses. No need in letting the Suns UV Rays turn your boobs into wilted flowers!

 Smoke Up Boobs Down

What’s in a puff of smoke? Sagging boobs…smoking breaks down the Elastin in your skin. Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that is elastic and allows tissues in the boobs to resume their shape after stretching or contracting and allows the skin when poked or pinched to return to its original position and keep its youthful appearance. Take the plunge and do the poked pinch test.

 Boob Hydration

Not trying to create a flotation device but the lack of water will cause not only the skin on your face to appear dull, rough, and shrunken. Lack of water in your diet will shrink the appeal of your décolletage remember boobs are skin too! Drink Up Ladies!!

Put your boobs through a work out

Protect and use your Cooper’s Ligaments, these are the ligaments inside the breast…when thinking of this ligament the phrase “Use it or lose it” rings true. The gentle bouncing of breasts when you walk and move can help these ligaments stay in tip top shape. I’m guessing that boobs were meant to have a little jiggle and wiggle! Ladies just remember to don the sports bra when working out.  I’m left thinking Motionless Boobs equals Boob Job!!!

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