What’s Type of Love Do Value?

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2015

Did you know there are 6 Types of Love?

Colours of Love

Colors of Love

EROS  Passionate, physical, and emotional. It’s fiery and creates sexual contentment as well as sexual security. The kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach makes your body tingle in places below your neck. This love can be dangerous and irrational it can take hold of you and possess you.


PRAGMA  This type chooses their partner based on a rational decision. It’s a long standing love that’s understanding and develops between long-married couples, its practical and realistic. This style is usually approached in a business-like fashion with people whom share common goals it’s about standing in love and making an effort to give love rather than just receive it.


LUDUS  A Ludic lover wants to have fun, it’s a game, no intent on a serious relationship and trust they want to win as many partners as possible it’s all about the moment therefore their encounters (no way I can call it a relationship) tends to and will be short. It’s just playful love, flirting and teasing!


STORGE  Friendship based love, this type of love wants a companion who shares the same likes and dislikes and a partner whom bases the relationship on closeness, trust, security and affection this love grows slowly out of friendship and requires commitment rather than passion. This  love can also be found with your friends by showing loyalty and sacrificing for them.


AGAPE  Selfless love that you extend to all people, family members and strangers. It’s the highest form of Christian love, it’s universal, loving and kind and willing to sacrifice anything for their partner it’s unbreakable, committed and unconditional.


MANIN/PHILAUTIA  This love needs to be loved by their partner and flows out of low self-esteem.  Lovers of this sort usually become very possessive and jealous.   It’s unhealthy and is associated with narcissism, self-obsessed and absorbed only focused on oneself.


UNDEFINED I believe there is a 7th  type of love which has not been defined this love is a combination of the 6 types defined above. This love is a love that follows the heart and when defined types start to come to play and form a presents in the relationship you may experience behavior of one or more of the defined types in a certain situation.

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