Empire: Cookie Lyon Roars

by mitzimsa on March 4, 2015


Cookie Lyons Empire Family Photo

Cookie – Here we go! So there was quite a bit going on in this episode of Empire, Cookie was getting everybody together.  After the roll in the hay with Luscious, Cookie reminisced about the day she had to leave her family after being found guilty of her crime. Luscious sang the song “Beautiful” to Cookie and said he would wait for her. Well we all know how that ended, now that there’s Anika hanging around and will do anything to the First Lady of Empire.  Any who, my girl Cookie was sure to let him know that she was closed for business “If you want Cookies Nookie you got ta ditch the bitch aka Anika, Boo Boo Kitty or Fake Ass Lena Horn pick the one ya like! Luscious did take the time to confess that he had been looking for Cookie in every women he had been with since she went on her 17 year vacation.

Anika – Was much aware of the little reunion as she called the roll in the hay between Cookie and Luscious but she was red hot and still heating when Cookie informed her of the Big Reunion…boy that Cookie knows how to reach out and touch a bitch without laying a hand on her!  Mean while back at the ranch, Anika found out about the insurance papers that her father signed and vowed that if her father goes down for the illegal signature everyone and thing sinks with the ship!  She used the wedding as her bargaining chip and made Luscious move the date up to lets just say NOW!!!

Jamal – Put the Family Legacy Album in jeopardy when he decided to come out on his father’s famous hit “Beautiful” he switched up the lyric after getting advice from Luscious “ Tell Your Truth In The Music”  and Jamal did just that spoke his truth and is feeling free and fine!

Luscious – On the other hand…was all smiles at the White Party, strolled in with Anika at his side and they were dressed to the 9’s. But when Jamal switch the lyric from women to man; that wiped the grin off his face and it kind of reminded me of the reaction you get when a room gets so quite you can hear a mouse piss on cotton! That pretty damn quite!!

Hakeem – Has decided that Camilla is the one for him after heart break, more like embarrassment. Hakeem had to accept that two can play the game of having a side piece. Since Cookie and Hakeem have come full circle in their Mother Son relationship he no longer needs Camilla to be Ma. Nor does Camilla want to continue on with this Mamma game because she’s too hot & young for that! But, Cookie did put Yoko Ono aka Old Camilla, Auntie Camilla or Cougar Bitch on notice that she is no longer needed to deal with or take advantage of Hakeem with his Mommy issues. Oh and by the way Cookie planted Camilla under a shade tree before she exited the scene. “So Yoko here wants to play on the song too, what can you do Yoko Ono can you play the tambourine?” That’s what you call a Cookie Check and I’m more than sure she can cash it!

Andre – Running around in cahoots with Vernon and pimping his wife out as geriatric whore all to be the head of the family business. Luscious knows that he’s making moves behind his back and voices that the trust is not there. Luscious informed Dre that he knew he could not trust his son once he married a white woman. Luscious made it clear “It’s a family business and the business goes to someone that cares about family.” Andre leaves feeling dazed and confused as he sits in the recording booth playing Russian Roulette with the Great Pretender playing in the background. Somebody better slap Andre and get him straight

We wrapped up with Cookie sitting in her cell singing “Beautiful” pan to the family picture on the wall.   Can’t wait to see what’s to come!!

Ya’ll know I’m always Team Cookie and  #CookieIsEvery


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