by mitzimsa on April 24, 2015

EDGE CONTROL REVIEW:  Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer

Design Essential Edge ControlAs I get older it’s harder to keep my hair under control but more so then my entire head it’s the Edge Control.  I have numerous amounts of products in more brands then I care to mention.  According to the hair style that I happen to sport determines the type of product that is needed. At present other than shampoo it’s all about finding an edge control that can lay these old grey hairs down around the edges of my head.  I’m in love with rocking my Afro Puff but I don’t want puffy edges!

The other night I was at the store with the big red ball outside the door and decided once again I should take the stroll down the hair products aisle.  With the natural hair craze being in full swing, daily a new line of black hair care products come on the market.  At least every other month I take this stroll down the aisle to make my acquaintance with any new and improved or the latest that claims to be the greatest to hit the block!

I Don’t Care What You Call It, It’s All Edge Control To Me!

As I stated at the beginning the one product that I find myself needing constantly is a product that can control my edges.  There’s a plethora of  brands ORS, Cream Of Nature, The Roots and Aveda just to name a few, different brands have their own personal spin on what I call EDGE CONTROL.  They’re made with argan oil, olive oil, flax seed and who knows what. Names for this product include pomade, pudding, taffy and gel. From my personal experience their all claiming to do the same darn thing CONTROL YOUR EDGES!

I’m sure you get the picture I’ve ran through a few different brands, I’ve used them singular and as a combo; all in the name of reaching the common goal of EDGE CONTROL.  I just want a product that can lay my edges and remain in place for the duration of the day.  Okay maybe I’m dreaming…. maybe remain in place at least through morning coffee talk with my work friends around the water cooler, is that too much to ask?

So I hit the aisle with my hawk eyes, skimming the shelves for the brands that stood out as new to me.  There it was sitting all alone on the shelf this little black round tub that read Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer. I laughed to myself as I repeated “Edge Tamer, that’s just what I need!”  I gave it the once over and dropped in my basket while still looking for its section on the shelves.  Soon I came to the conclusion that it was truly the only one left and moved along.  When I got to the check out and this gem rang at 11.99 I was almost put it back.  Even though I couldn’t imagine paying this small fortune for Edge Control was necessary, I gave in and let the product remain with my basket of purchases.

The Edge Control That Keeps Me From Going Over The Edge

Well, the morning that I tried my new baby hair goop the EDGE TAMER, THE SKY OPENED UP AND THE HARPS BEGAN TO PLAY!  Design Essentials put the proof in the jar it truly lays down these mean, unruly, pesky, fly-away grey hairs around the edge of my head; puts them right in check. It’s my go to product, adds shine and nourishment with the shea butter and honey. Has a nice clean scent that doesn’t complete with my personal fragrance of the day and provides a firm hold that takes me through and beyond my morning coffee talk!


Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer is a beautiful thing!! 





Thanks, Mitzi! I’m always loving your tips!

by E - April 24, 2015 - 4:47 pm. Reply #

LOVE that you tell it like it is. I haven’t found the right edge control but I may have to give this a try so my edges look LAID!

by Aliah - April 24, 2015 - 5:29 pm. Reply #

Great post, love your tips, never heard of this brand before!

by Danielle Alinia - April 25, 2015 - 6:21 am. Reply #

Ooooh, I know a few friends I could certainly recommend this product to. Wonderful to know.

by Beatrice Chan - April 27, 2015 - 1:54 pm. Reply #

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