Bristol Farms BBQ & Grilling

by mitzimsa on July 17, 2015

All About The BBQ!

Bristol Frams MagOne of my favorite gourmet food store is Bristol Farms. Truly in this specialty store you can find all of the different products that are required for any cooking adventure!

I decided I would take a journey through the Bristol Farms real food magazine from the summer of 2014 to find my next food experience! As I perused the real food magazine I had to keep in mind the items I have on hand. It’s so hard for me to hold back from going to the market once a new exciting recipe is found. This happen to be an issue that was perfect the food gods led me in the right direction of picking my reading material for the day!

Bam, I stopped on the page that read Right on Cue…now that’s talking my language! This section featured Barbecue and Grilling options, as I flipped through recipes for Pork Chops, Back Ribs, Tri-tip which all came first in this issue. Then, I turned the page and  HARPS BEGIN TO PLAY,  a recipe for Texas Beef Ribs With Hill Country Peach Glaze; right behind that page came Kansas City-Inspired Barbecued Chicken!

Around my house we know about BBQ and Grillin, we do it all year long! And this mid-western girl will never pass up a chance to taste Kansas City BBQ Flavor! Just so happens I have a few racks of beef ribs on hand and I’m never without chicken in my freezer. I gathered my ingredients, pulled out meat and chicken to thaw and the planning began.

Followed the recipe and seasoned both the chicken and ribs with the rub that was suggested in the magazine. Let the meat get a good night rest in the refrigerator so the flavors really could get into the meat. Now because I’m a cook I always have to put my own personal twist on everything I prepare, I’m always adding additional ingredients to every recipe. I love to develop new flavors in my kitchen and so this recipe was no different I added a little pinch of this and a little of that along with a dash of my secret weapon.

…check out the BEEF BBQ RIBS!

Texas BBQ Beef Ribs


These recipes and many more can be found on the Bristol Farms web site.  Sorry if your not a local this extraordinary food store is exclusive to Los Angeles and it’s surrounding area.


I love love love BBQ too! Thanks for putting this cool cookbook on my radar as I’m not a local but I’m definitely drooling over that finger lickin’ chicken!

by Aliah - July 17, 2015 - 4:32 pm. Reply #

I should not have read this post on an empty stomach and being far away from LA. I would absolutely love this gourmet food store , Bristol Farms. The BBQ looks really tasty and scrumptious, yum!!!

by Beatrice - July 18, 2015 - 12:10 am. Reply #

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