Tybee Island Adventure

by mitzimsa on November 11, 2015

Savannah Georgia State Of Mind

Tybee IslandOver three years ago my bestie (that I’ve known since I can remember) and I decided LET’S TAKE A REUNION ADVENTURE. Which would include the girls that we hung tuff with over the years! Well the first year it didn’t work out and the second year was unpromising as well. But the third year was a charm!

We knew from the start that we wanted to be on the beach sipping on cocktails with fruit and umbrellas! Most of your minds went straight to Hawaii I’m sure, but we were talking an extended weekend trip. Since we’re coming from different parts of the country we decided to stay state side. Lots of ideas were kicked around and Vegas even made the list of possibilities; you can have pretty drinks around the pool and dream you’re at the beach with the heat that Vegas serves up.

Though it was a lot of back and forth a location and date was agreed upon and the excitement began! GEORGIA HERE WE COME, LETS GO TURN UP AND OUT TYBEE ISLAND!!!!

I started planning ways to make the trip special for all involved even decided to arrive early to ready the beach rental for the ladies arrival. Did my research on the region, checked out different attractions that might be of interest to the group. This was going to be off the chart fun!

We’re Ready For Adventure…

It’s now October and time to get on the road and get this adventure started but, I had a hiccup in my trip plans. An unexpected medical emergency occurred in my family and demanded my attention. I waited with baited breath as to if I would be able to make the trip week by week day by day I kept hope but, when it came right down to the real nitty gritty flight 1730 took off without me.

How could this be happening I wondered. I know I’m not to question but to do my part when I’m called upon and find the lesson or message in the task that has been given.  Am I sad YES, I really wanted to spend time with the ladies and catch up on all the wonderful and not so wonderful event that have transpired in our lives over the years. Just set back and look at what our lives journeys and adventures have been, taking time to just love on one another and be silly like back in the day!

Girlfriend Adventure 2015So to put myself in the Georgia state of mind and fill as if I was part of the Tybee Adventure, I decided to stalk Face Book looking for photos of their good times, clicking like on every comment they made to me or about me. Why my Aunt even made a comment as to how could they be on a girlfriend adventure without me! Loll…I decided to cure my sadness in the kitchen. I pulled out my black iron skillet and the makins for Shrimp and Gravy and took a poll as to what we should pour it over. Take a look below and see the dish that chased my blues away. I was right where I was suppose to be. Home.

Adventures In Food  –  My Take on Georgia Shrimp & Grits!

Adventure Of Food

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