Kahlua, El Nino & Me!

by mitzimsa on January 28, 2016

When the Temputure Reads Kahlua


While the Mid-West and the East Coast hunker down for the Nor’easter over here on the West Coast we’re on watch for El Nino! Not sure of the opinion of other beach babies here in Cali but, I’m looking forward to the down pours that have been predicted.

I can’t wait!  Let it rain let it rain…but in order for it to be a pleasant time over the weekend listening to the storm while occasionally taking a glance out the window. I’ll sip on a warm beverage with a little somethin somethin in it to warm the innners. Right now I’m racking my brain coming up with recipes and snacks ideas for my shopping list that are sure to keep us super-comfy and cozy over the weekend! Most of all I’m going to make sure that I have the right booz in my basket! When you’re regions weather has you on lock down you might as well take the time to make it a house party and enjoy yourself. I keep my stock of Red, White and Sparkling Wine on full so that’s a given but I’m more concerned with making sure that I have what is needed to spike the Cocoa!

Enjoy Tasty Kahlua Cocktails

With that being said….I’ve come to the conclusion that all is needed for this go around of  El Nino will be The Big Kahuna Kahlua.  With this tasty coffee liqueur I can spike the cocoa, coffee and mix up some sweet treats!

Black Russian

Ingredients: Two parts vodka and one part Kahlua

White Russian

Ingredients: One part heavy cream or half & half, two parts vodka and two parts Kahlua

Pour the Kahlua and vodka over a glass of ice and top with cream to layer properly, pour them slowly over the back of a spoon.


Ingredients: Two parts vodka, two parts cream or milk, one part Kahlua and one part Irish cream liqueur

Pour the vodka, Kahlua and Irish cream over a glass of ice and top it with cream or milk.

Coffee Martini

Ingredients: Two parts vodka, one part Kahlua, one part chocolate liqueur

Add the ingredients to a martini shaker with ice. Shake until cold and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with espresso beans or chocolate shavings.


Ingredients: Equal parts Kahlua, Irish cream liqueur and orange liqueur

Layer the three ingredients in a shot glass. Begin with Kahlua, next add Irish cream and finish with the orange liqueur, which can be Cointreau or Grand Marnier. To get the liqueurs to layer properly, pour them slowly over the back of a spoon.

Kahlua with Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: Eight ounce mug of hot chocolate, one shot of Kahlua and whipped cream

Make the hot chocolate using either milk or water and add a shot of Kahlua. Top the mug with whipped cream. (I make my own with whipped cream with added vinella flavor)

Kahlua with Coffee (Mexican Coffee)

Ingredients: Eight ounce cup of coffee and a shot of Kahlua

Brew the coffee and add a shot of Kahlua to the mug. You do not need to add sugar since the Kahlua is sweetened, but add milk or cream if you prefer.

Kahlua on the Rocks

Ingredients: Ice and two shots of Kahlua

It doesn’t get simpler than this! Add a couple of shots of Kahlua to a glass filled with ice.

So if your looking for good way to keep yourself nice and toasty over the weekend you might pick up a bottle as well…mix up a batch of Kahlua liquor laced beverage or treats grab a throw, the remote and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll have inside.

Baby Keep the cold outside!

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