Los Angeles: I know but, it’s Winter Everywhere!

by mitzimsa on February 4, 2016

Yes, it’s also Winter in LA!

Los Angeles Winter RainI welcomed the winter morning with a smile, even though the temperature has been reading in the low 40’s here in the City of Los Angeles! I had to step out into the frigid cold to move cars for street sweeping, DAMN why me!  Most will laugh at that statement and say that frigid cold and Los Angeles can’t be in the same sentence, when you may be in below zero temps or close to it.  But, this is quite cool for LA and our winters bring wet cold weather if were lucky (let’s not forget we’re in a drought)! LA winters require us to break out the rain gear, wool and parka type winter coats! Why I saw a guy walking down the street this morning sporting a parka I could not see his face for he had the hood up and a scarf wrapped around the neck so tight to reduce the cold and wind from hitting him in the face. I’m sure you’re laughing out loud at this point because I surely cracked up to the point of non-containment! See I’m an Iowa Girl and I know cold winter weather first hand but after being here for well over two decades my blood has thinned and I find there’s days I run the heat 24/7, still warm my flannel pj’s in the dryer before putting them on in the winter months and I would be remised if I didn’t mention the heated seats in my car! I have not forgotten the cold winters of the Mid-West.  Though my winter is no longer on the level of Mid-Western Style let’s not forget winter is winter no matter where your reside.

A Wet Winter Predicted For The City Of Angels


Winter Rainy Day

Just wanted to remind the rest of the world that it does rain in Sunny California, the temperature drops, the wind blows and a lot of freezing water falls from the sky. So  every now and then we have a reason to pull out the boots, hats, scarves puffy coats of all lengths to make it through our winter big chill just like you! But, you can bet come the spring and summer months you’ll find us in our shorts, sundresses and sunglasses showing off our legs while wearing Uggs…go figure!

Smooches, I Love LA!!

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