Pistachio: A Royal Nut

by mitzimsa on February 26, 2016

PISTACHIO One Cute Little Nut

Pistachio Heart

I can’t demand that the entire region’s Pistachio Harvest be set aside for me like the Queen of Sheba. But, I can kick scream and put my foot down when it comes to shearing my supply. Somehow that doesn’t fit my personality or the description that many regions have placed on this little nutritious cutie!

In Iran the pistachio is known as the smiling nut and in China, they call it the happy nut. When I have a bowl of them sitting next to me all I can do is smile while I savor the flavor.  With every crack of the shell I get happier knowing that it’s heart healthy. The green almond which is another one of its nick names is 90 per cent unsaturated fat, that’s the good kind of fat!  This fat won’t do damage to my ticker or just settle in on my hips as I stuff my face beyond belief while catching up on my Oscar Night Movies!

You’ll Find It Where?

Even though the US is not the top consumer of the pistachio’s we’re second in line to China and I’m sure I’m doing my fair share of consumption to keep the United States in this position. I enjoy pistachios just about any way I can get them. Their great roasted or raw (which is my personal preference) and you won’t find me complaining if the husband walks through the door with pistachio flavored ice cream, my all-time go to or a slice of pistachio cake cheese or other wise. I’ve found that the pistachio infused or pure oil is great when cooking pork, poultry and veal and no wonder I fell in love with Mortadella (Italian Bologna) with is yummy slivers of pistachio that melt in your mouth with each bite and let’s not leave out confectionery nougat!

Pistachio Nuts and the Good Book

I wasn’t surprised to find out that the pistachio and the cashew my other favorite nut are related botanically.  And,  it’s one of the only two nuts that are referred to in the Bible; didn’t know I would be going all biblical on ya!! But, I am kind of confused as to why their national day is in February when the little flowering bush ripens its fruit in late summer and early fall.

The male trees are like all other males of different species they sole their royal oats all over the place.  One male tree can produce enough pollen for 25 nut-bearing female trees which produce their first nuts at age five and can bear fruit for up to 200 years, glad I’m a human and not a female pistachio tree!

It’s been said that lovers meet beneath the trees to hear the pistachios crack open on moonlit nights for good fortune.  I guess if your looking to become Fertile Myrtle as they say this would be the place to be…under a Pistachio Tree!!!!


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I love your theme and your writing! Pistachios are so awesome and so good for you

by heidi - February 27, 2016 - 4:48 am. Reply #

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