Return of the Empire, Let Them Roar!

by mitzimsa on March 30, 2016


EMPIRE:  Ya’ll ready for this…

Well the wait is over and tonight we will dive into part 2 of Season 2 of Empire!  When we were last glued to the screen, it faded to black with us having questions and speculation wondering around in our minds about quite few points of unfinished business. Hopefully they will wrap up some of the query’s early on so that we can move forward with some new juiciness to ponder over week after week.

We have babies hanging in the balance… Will baby Lyon roar? If so which baby will it be or will there be 2 little Lyons? Remember Rhonda took a tumble down that lovely new stair case and Anika is holding out on the announcement that she’s also carrying a Baby Cub!

Meanwhile we all witnessed the family falling apart in the first half of season 2 when we left off it looked as if the Empire and the Lyons family agenda was a fail. But we know that the show must go on, this was all to setup the rest of season 2’s juiciness!

I don’t know which should be tackled first getting the company back from the grubby hands of Ms. Camilla Marks or getting the house back in order…

Empire 4 of 2

Luscious, Let’s Play Ball!

Camilla showed Luscious that she knows how to play the game and made a play that knocked the ball right out of the park! We were left thinking that Ms. Camilla was strictly dickly with the tight hold that she had on Hakeem. But, when you mean business I guess you’ll do whatever it takes to prove your point even switch dating preferences and stepping it up a notch by marring a board member /stockholder of your company to get control. Now that’s what I call a POWER PLAY.

Anywho, it’s so much going with the Lyons that there is just not enough time to cover the family issues before tonight’s airing. So like the BIG Empire Fan that I am, my Wednesday night date is back on; don’t ring my bell or text my phone because I’ll be watching and live tweeting while the Empire snaps back!

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