Is the Generation Gap Closing?

by mitzimsa on July 21, 2016


Generation Gap

Baby Boomer or Generation X, I can take my pick… I was born when the clock was about to strike 12 and land me in the next generation grouping. But, I find myself being surrounded by Generation X and Y’s and in so many ways we are all starting to take on some of the characteristics of the Millennial Generation.


I myself can relate to the attitude of a Millennial without that one pesky trait “a sense of entitlement” I don’t so much mind the fact that they over share on social media and that they are so frank I can hang with that. Why, I’m more than likely accused of doing the same by many but with a little more tact.  But, if you’re looking for a straight answer you’ve come to the right person I operate under the theory of if you don’t want to know don’t ask!

Working in Television and Film most of my meaningful career I’m sure has kept me young along with not having children of my own. I’ve always been able to dance to my own tune whenever I wanted even after marriage. So, I choose to work for high powered producers and studio heads and had to stay on the curve of what’s happening in the industry not to be left behind or to be looked upon as an old crazy lady trying to be young. But, now that the days seem to be getting longer and the nights shorter,  hair grayer and aches/pains in my knee, back and hips along with 3-4 inch heels looking like danger; the Millennials way of thinking on several levels is all right by me.

Yes! I want to work smarter not harder and all the new technology offers that solution. Not all Boomers are unfamiliar or afraid of technology more of us have embraced these practices more then you can imagine. I dance around social media on a regular and own my own piece of real estate in the Cloud so to speak….I run a Blog, post daily on Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest and will jump on Periscope in a second flat.

Looks Like We’re All In The Same Generation Game

Furthermore we all seem to be in search of job security that will carry us to the next level in our life or career. We want work to be a happy place and have flexibility to conquer work- home balance.  The work-home balance may be for different reasons but the balance is very appealing when it comes to holding a position in the work force. In this day and age it seems all generation groups are starting to establish interest in some type of entrepreneurship opportunity.

With all that being said, seems to me where still all on the same page looking for the same things in life just for different reasons so remember when you’re dealing with a generation other than your own the generation gap as we’ve known it to be is closing and where becoming more alike than different only for different reasons.

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