Gift Ideas: Letter to the Last Minute Valentines Day Shopper

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2017

Valentines Day Last Minute Suggestions:


valentines day card

So, you’ve taken it down to the wire and have no idea of what to get your Valentine this year. First let me say “SHAME ON YOU”  here’s my Last Minute Valentines Day suggestions, let’s move on!

It’s too late to order flowers for delivery to the work place, standing in line for chocolates is going to be a long wait and you can’t find a restaurant that will take your request of a reservation. But, you must not let your gift appear as if it’s last minute. Whatever you do…




All of my following suggestions will involve dinner! If you can cook, then do so if not remember the earlier mention of not being able to get a dinner reservation? Don’t fret pickup food to go from a fancy or their favorite restaurant take it home, put it on nice dinner wear, lower the lights, light some candles, sprinkle a few rose petals around the table and enjoy each other’s company over a nice relaxing dinner. Create a loving mood!!

Say Happy Valentines Day With Dinner & More…

Suggestion 1 ~Early morning trip to the Mall, by pass all other distractions and head for the fragrance counter. Once there rely on your sense of smell as to how you would like your Valentine to smell when your snuggling up tonight. Next go to the lingerie department and buy practical PJ’s (like cotton or flannel, depending on the weather). After dinner, warm the PJ’s in the dryer and tuck your Valentine in to bed. Next pour a libation chilled or warm whichever way they prefer as long as it warms the inners, enjoy a good movie or TV show together! Be sure to have them try out the new fragrance, like I said; you’re sure to be snuggling tonight!

Suggestion 2 ~ Now if you were up on your game and snagged a Dinner Reservation go that extra step…buy as many scented candles as you can, place in a gift box with a note that reads…”keep one lit so our flame never goes out!” You have no idea of how this will touch the heart of your Valentine…sure to put a smile on their face and will go down in history as one of the best Valentines Day Gifts Ever!

Suggestion 3 ~ After that dinner that you’ve either created personally or purchased (shoot your mom might have hooked you up) but, that will be our secret! Hand over a card with tickets to a future event along with a note that reads “these tickets are to make sure we keep this love thing going on! The Valentines Day Gift that Keeps Giving!

Suggestion 4 ~ You may not be quite sure how to let your Boo know that it’s ok to have an impromptu sleepover… this will give the hint in style. After dinner hand over a cute or nice leather overnight celebrity bag to make it loud and clear! This one is reserved for your Shining Star not just on Valentines Day!

Some may think these ideas are lame but, I’m a sucker for LOVE, they’re just a few that can keep you on the porch and not in the yard, so to speak. I mean really, what do except these are last minute ideas but they score big Valentines Day Points!!!!

Wishing You The Best of Luck In Love!

Mitzi Ms Adventures


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