Steak Fit for the Flintstones

by mitzimsa on January 20, 2018

Tomahawk Steak

Steak is one of our favorite items to prepare on the grill. Living in Southern California the weather allows grilling most of the year. We get to experiment and try out just about everything you can imagine on the grill.

The Tomahawk Steak has been popular in restaurants and steak houses and has become a readily available item in most big box stores meat selections. For quite some time you’ve been able to pick up the Tomahawk at your specialty gourmet market, my favorite Bristol Farms.

Tomahawk Steak Rage

This beautiful piece of beef resembles a tomahawk axe hence its name. It happens to be a long-bone Rib Eye and is cut from the center of the rib about 2” thick. This big boy stands out in any crowd just the sight of this well-marbled steak will impresses every time!

We’re talking a steak that can be up to 36 to 40 oz and then some, it’s not suggested that any one human being eat this much beef in one setting so we usually share one around our house.

Like I said earlier, we like to prepare ours on the grill but it can be done in the oven. I don’t suggest frying due to the size and thickness. It will come out marvelous prepared in the oven but before popping into the oven I would sear both sides on top of the stove in a large frying pan. Whatever way you decide to cook this baby be sure to let it rest before cutting. A good 10-20 minute nap, will allow the heat from the bone to redistribute. You will sink your teeth into one juicy succulent steak.

Since you’ll be sharing this steak here’s a few tips on cutting to get the best flavor and avoid toughness. You want the meat to just melt in your mouth so that you can enjoy all the flavor that is has to give!


Once rested, grab that long bone like a cave man or the Flintstones (if your familiar with this cartoon).  Lay that big boy on a cutting board. Cut along the bone lengthways to separate the meat from the bone and locate the grain. Place your knife perpendicular to the grain and slice this steak across the grain into nice thick juicy slices! Enjoy!!!


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