Piggy Wiggy Kitchen Collection!

by mitzimsa on October 23, 2013

Piggy Wiggy Collection!

Piggy Wiggy Bacon Tray

Can I tell you how much I love my lil piggy, that’s my Joie Piggy Wiggy Collection!  Joie  makes an array of kitchen helpers such as sink strainers, grips, mini fry pans, spatulas an more.  I personally fell for the Pink Pig Line due to my obsession with Ms. Piggy, Pork (Bacon)  and Pink….yes I did say that!  The pig that get’s a good work out in my kitchen is the Piggy Bacon Tray! (sky opens an ray of sun shines down)

I can’t tell a lie when I first saw this cutie, I bought it just because it represented all things I love.  I always had a special way of cooking my bacon which was on top of the stove in a black iron skillet.  Since I’m always up for trying something new I went for it.

On this day I declare I will never cook my bacon on top of the stove again, this lil pig cooks your bacon to perfection with a crunch that can wake the dead!

 Besides the cuteness factor it offers easy clean up – the vented lid keeps all the splatters contained, grooved tray drains all the fat, keeps the bacon hot, it’s dishwasher safe and you can adjust the cooking time to accommodate the different bacon eaters in your home. 

I do wish that it was little larger, it holds 4 pieces of the thick slice bacon but with a 3-5 minute cooking time it’s easy to pop in another batch.  Unless you’re into scrubbing I would spray with a non-stick cooking spray and suggest that you clean in between each batch.


The tray can get a little warm during cooking time so I completed my set with the silicone heat resistant grip. I’m glad I did because I love hearing my husband holler from the kitchen “Honey where’s the piggy”

 Who could ask for anything more?  41ACg4YopCL__SY450_Piggy Silicone Grip                                                                                      OINK! OINK!

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