Travel The California Gold Coast To Wine Country

by mitzimsa on August 18, 2014


California Gold Coast

I had the pleasure of rolling out on route 101N to take in the California Gold Coast while on a special adventure to California Wine Country with Kitty Bradshaw and a couple other Sisters in Blog.  The first quarter of the road trip is a straight blur.  See I had been up 24 hours preparing for the trip, getting home set-up for my departure and absence of 3.75 days!

Any who, as soon as I pulled into the first stop I announced “someone better take the wheel.”  I slide to the back seat and nestled in for the ride.  The first time I came too there was talk of getting gas and “if you have to go, get moving!”  Did what I had to do and tucked myself back under the blanky and off to slumber land I went! Seems as if not long after the ride started the car began to make frequent stops as if we are in a city.  Pulling myself up and peeking above the cover, I was informed that we were stopping for a bite.


Linn’s Bin, is where we choose to dine.  I soon learned upon taking a seat at the table that I was in the Home of the Olallieberry.  Now, I’m not sure if your familiar with this berry but, I was not so I had to dig further…it’s 2/3 Blackberry and 1/3 Red Raspberrry and is the primary fruit grown at he Linn’s Family Farm.  Of course the first thing that pops in my mind is the Olallieberry is to  Linn’s as Shrimp is to Bubba Gumps; EVERYTHING!  Glancing over the menu I could not decide what to try, it all sounds so good and the waiter informed us we would not go wrong with whatever choice was made.  Since one of my roadies was on the same page UNDECIDED we decided to do a split.  Ok, choice #1 The Inside/Outside (Inside: green onion, mushrooms, bacon; Outside: housemade salsa, avocado, mozzarella and an egg).  Choice #2 Linn’s Bin (Stack: Hashed brown potato cake, diced ham or spinach, mushrooms; two eggs, onion, bell pepper, cheddar cheese, avocado). Both selections came with  homestyle muffin or scone.  Now you know this was not just any ol’ kind of muffin, there was quite a variety  all with a touch of the Olallieberry.  And the scone served with you guessed it Olallieberry fruit compote (by the way you can get either one in a Glutin Free option). Decisions decisions Olallieberry what should I drink?  You can go hot or cold there’s many choices on how you can consume this berry, I decided on Olallieberry Lemonade!

California Road TripWhile dining we received fun sunglasses from one of the roadies, red sparkle lips or pink with false lashes for the choosing! If you know me you know which ones I picked by the description!!  Four crazy girls from LA with different lives coming together for a good time! Here we are in this small town which reminds me of Mayberry R.F.D, snapping photos of our food choice before taking a bite, rearranging chairs to take selfies in our new sunnies, holding full conversations with our heads buried in our phones and laughing loudly with no regard of the regulars starring. In summation of  my visit to Linn’s I will agree with the waiter you can’t go wrong with whatever choice you make off their menu.  Each and every one of us enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of Linn’s,  it’s a must if you’re in the area of Cambria!  Wait, I forgot if you run across an L in a black box by an item on the menu it’s a Linn’s Specialty Food and is available at one of the following locations: LINN’S GOURMET GOODS, LINN’S ORIGINAL FARMSTORE, AND LINNSFRUITBIN.COM.

Soon, I was back to my assumed position in the back seat of the car feeling fat and full. I did not  lift my head again until we arrived at our first destination!!



Yes, I’ve waited for the experience all year long BlogHer14…I made it!  Drop the roadies at their hotel and Kitty and I zipped off to get settled in ours.  This was the beginning of the first of many quick changes, we had an event in less than 30 minutes.  All I could think of was the invites I was about to fulfill. I was lucky enough to be confirmed for so many events and parties.

I’m not going into a lot of detail on the BlogHer14, that’s a story within itself but if you click on the link you can read about my preparation for the amazing experience. We parked the car at the hotel and made it around San Jose by foot.  After all, all of our activity for the next 2 days would be in walking distance of the Convention Center where BlogHer14 was held!

Oh yah! I didn’t mention at the beginning that GM rolled out the red carpet and Chevy Impalasupplied a Candy Apple Red 2014 Impala fully loaded for the comfort and pleasure of the #CaliBloggerRoadTrip.  I have to say this baby has a glad and stride that is deserving of the road!   

On the road again and this time I’m Sonoma County, California… Wine Country bound!!  Since I was out of rotation on the first quarter.  There was no need for me to believe that someone else would buckle up in the driver’s seat.  Got myself adjusted,  XM tuned into Heart & Soul and ready to roll but, get this… one of my roadies thought she should pick the music so she wouldn’t fall asleep! LMAO at that one!!!!  101N here we come!

Ran into some traffic along the way, right outside the city of San Francisco we started to encounter detours.  Detours around what, I ask myself; at the time we were unaware but found it strange.  Turns out going through San Francisco was not strange for our destination but the detours and grid lock was.  Due to the marathon it added an additional hour to my encounter with the thirty-five million dollar steel harp better known as the Golden Gate Bridge!!  This had us in a bit of a panic since we were meeting the wonderful Barefoot Winemaker Jennifer Wall for brunch to discuss and taste the latest release from Barefoot Wine.  My roadies had no idea but I was more in a panic about driving over the bridge “I HEAT DRIVING ON BRIDGES” I was in a full blown panic attach at first sight of her (a bridge this pretty has to be referred to as her) but, it all changed when I reach the entrance. I pulled up my big girl panties and stayed cool! Yay Me!!!!


We pulled into Healdsburg, and let Sassette (name given to the Impala) direct me to the BarnDiva,” one right and a left” said Sassette; I whipped into the first VIP parking space right at the front door!  Stepping out of the car it was quite warm not just temperature wise, you could feel the warmth of this town.  Kitty was quite impressed with the view of the barn since she had never encountered a meeting with one before. Jennifer walked out to escort us in to be seated. Introductions were held and we settled in for an amazing afternoon delight!!  Read more on the release of Barefoot Bubbly Peach Fusion and  my tasting with Winemaker Jennifer Wall by clicking Barefoot Wine.


Now back to Healdsburg, California the town of wine, food and fun; don’t that sound like the makings of a wonderful time?!!  The charm of this town draws you in as you walk the square.  Healdsburg personality speaks volume, as I strolled through the gift shops, book store, wine shops, and chocolatiers and of course the General Store I open my wallet frequently.  I passed on some of the treats that I was so deserving of due to not one more ounce of room in Sassette, we had filled her to the brim of capacity. I knew whatever I decided to buy must fit either on my person or in my purse. But, a return trip with room for antique & art shopping, stock pile of wines and cheese and the feeling of just good living will be in store real soon.  I’m hoping to get back for the Wine Festival and stay over in one of those cute bed and breakfast spots so I can experience the true essence of the treasure of Sonoma County & California Wine Country, Healdsburg!


That was like 3 articles in one, lolll. I can’t wait to do it again with you!!!!! 🙂

by mitzimsa - August 18, 2014 - 8:00 pm. Reply #

Hi Mitzi! It’s Kelley from the BLM group! How fun was this post?! Before reading this I had never heard of the Olallieberry. I totally just travelled vicariously through you:-) Excited to check out more of your travels. Oh, and your banner is too cute!

With Love,

by Kelley - August 20, 2014 - 9:19 am. Reply #

[…] enough to take a fabulous road trip from LA with social media powerhouse Kitty Bradshaw, her Aunt Mitzi and my blogging sista Stacy Cox, and as you can imagine lots of fun adventures […]

by Wine Wednesday: Barefoot Bubbly Fusions are Surprisingly Delicious, Food Friendly & Affordable | Romy Raves - August 20, 2014 - 2:35 pm. Reply #

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