Booze Spiked Cocoa – Try This on a Lazy Winter Day

by mitzimsa on January 17, 2018

Cocoa for the Grown and Sexy!



Spiked Cocoa on a Winter Day.  As it is for everyone, its Winter…. some of us will fair this time of year better than others but we all have what’s called winter weather. Go out on a limb and trust me when I say add these items listed below to your grocery list this winter you’ll thank me later!

Whether You find yourself in a Bomb Cyclone, Polar Blast or Torrential Rain whichever one; you will be spending time at home hunkered down in a Netflix and Chill type of way.  Why not make up a batch of hot cocoa and spike it with a libation to warm your inners.

Don’t run to the cabinet and pull out that little packet that you add hot water and voila instacocoa.  Grab the ingredients suggested for your grocery list and your favorite large mug. The process of making cocoa from scratch may take a few more seconds but the reward will be much greater!

Since we’re talking Cocoa

You’ll of course need some type of milk or milk substitute and your choice of ingredients from below.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Bittersweet Chocolate

In most cases you probably already have the next three items as a staple in your cabinet or pantry



Vanilla Extract

Peppermint, whipped Cream and Marshmallows can also give a kick to a cup of cocoa!

Hope you left room for spiking…it’s time for the booze!

This is where it’s a matter of preference as to what libation you choose. Whether you want to warm your inners or take a nice long nap you choose your state of mind and liquor pairing.

Here are some of my suggestions of libations that work well with hot cocoa.

Vanilla Vodka (newly added to my list of favs)

Cognac (Remy, Hennessy VS edition in both brands will work just fine)

Red Wine (Yes, red wine…no need to go high end)



Kahlua happens to be my all-time favorite mixed with hot chocolate it’s like I’m having dessert along with a cup of coffee. Click here for my simple recipe of Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Enjoy, oh by the way you’re welcome!  Now go and post that cup of Hot Spiked Cocoa on Instagram!!

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