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by mitzimsa on March 30, 2014

Tech Review: Definitive Technology

Well, it’s been a few weeks now that I was invited to attend Best Buy Audio Fest kick off.  The event was held at the Best Buy West Hollywood location for Definitive Technology and their new Brand Ambassador Mr. John Legend.

Whatever you do, don’t count out the Baby Boomers when it comes to good quality and sound.  I’m a member of this group, we listened to a diverse repertoire that included R&B, Rock, Blues, Country along with other various trends of music; heck even underground music got underway  during our generation…we were big on sound. You’ve heard us all say from time to time “these young people know nothing about good music.  What we listened to in our day was music, I don’t know what you call that their listening to!”  I also remember my grandmother saying the same for my generation and putting a ban on what could or could not be played in her home. Personally I don’t actually believe that statement is true, in my household my husband and I listen to all music, from Rap to Opera and everything in between.  Enough about me and my generation now that I’ve dated myself! Today with all the modern technology which offers so many conveniences, my generation wants the same quality items for the home and on the go as Gen X & Y.

Definitive Technology has been a competing powerhouse in home speakers since 1990. Recently they released the Definitive Techonology Sound Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker, their first portable speaker ever!  This speaker will allow you to connect to your laptop, phone or tablet.  The Sound Cylinder will enhance the sound quality of the device speakers.   I would have loved the chance to listen to the quality of this item but it was not the focus of the night.

Next up the Definitive Technology Cube, this little square reminds me of a Tiffany Box! Talk about big things coming in small packages…Umm hum, this is it! The cube can pair quite easily to your bluetooth device.  The device pairs with just one touch to the Cube.  Now that feature had me sold at the word “touch”.  If you’re looking for big sound to fill an indoor or outdoor space this table top audio system will blow you out the box with its two sided speakers and powerful bass along with a long battery life. Trust me your neighbors will want to know why they weren’t invited to the party! Tell them to come on over and bring their audio player, remember one touch and their connected!

The Definitive Sound of Definitive Technology Audio Products

Then there’s the Definitive Technology SoloCinema Studio Soundbar, I’m all about looks when it comes to the items that are placed in the home.  So first and foremost I must tell you of the clean lines of this item and the fact that it just blends in with your existing system. It will complement any flat screen TV on the market.  It offers the option of placing on a stand or shelf under your screen or mount on the wall.  Get this if you decided to place on a shelf or stand you can adjust the height with the riser on the feet.  Now you tell me who else is offering that feature along with great crisp, clean sound quality which Definitive Technology refers to as their “heritage of precision sound”.

Definitive Technology Floor-Standing Speakers, This precision sound has been offered in their electronic systems for decades.  They have always been known for their high performance of audio products with their floor-standing speakers.  All I can say is the sound that these babies delivered while listening to John Legend’s new release “Love In The Future” was a comforting experience, it put you at ease for the Q&A.



Definitive Technology Q&A with John Legend & Joel Sietsema

Definitive Technology Q&A with John Legend & Joel Sietsema

It was nice getting some insight to Mr. Legend, he not only talked about being the creative inspiration for the Definitive Technology brand but, how and why he paired with the brand for their new line of products. He even talked about singing to his wife and why he prefers to pin songs for female artist compared to male, loved how he was so forth coming. Well, I’m going to wrap this up by saying that Definitive Technology has an amazing line of new products that are for the home and on the go. They all happen to have Bluetooth capability and offers powerful sound. Their space efficient sleek design can go wherever your movies or music takes you. Definitive Technology has the Midas Touch!

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