Imitation of Life -The Movie

by mitzimsa on February 28, 2016

Imitation of Life – African-Americans 

Box Office Profit

Imitation of Life 1959 Poster African-Americans make up 40 percent of attendance of movie goers today we are increasing the bottom line at the box office. In most instances this holds weight but as of recent events we are left felling slighted for our contribution in the success of pushing a movie to big box office profits. Even back in 1959 African-American made up 30 percent of the audience of movies. Imitation of Life is the second film adaptation of Fannie Hurst’s novel inspired by Zora Neals Hurston of the same name first released in 1934. The 1959 version a romantic drama released by Universal International and was the final Hollywood film directed by Douglas Sirk which dealt with issues of race, class and gender. It took the remake of this movie released in 1959 for the studio to make an unprecedented decision to release movies simultaneously to both white and black theaters in the South for the first time ever.

1959 – Adaptation  Imitation of Life

Imitation of Life is a story of a light-skinned black girl Sarah Jane born to Annie a single black mother that was befriended by Lora a single white women and Susie her daughter that recently moved to New York to follow her dream of an acting career. Lora invites Annie and Sara Jane to stay the night in her apartment in exchange Annie offer to keep house and look after Susie while Lora seeks acting and modeling jobs. Sarah Jane’s life was just fine until her mother Annie shows up to her school one day and discovers that her daughter has been trying to conceal her true race from her classmates. As the movie moves forward Sarah Jane secretly starts to date a white boy and decides that she would rather die than to be considered black. When her boyfriend learns that Sarah Jane’s mother is black he beats her. Sarah Jane leaves home claiming that she has found work in a library but, her mother finds her dancing and singing in a seedy nightclub. Once again her mother’s appearance embarrasses and reveals that she is black and cost her, her job. So Sarah Jane goes on the run once again. Annie decides that she will no longer interfere in her daughter’s life in fear that will run or be mistreated if her true color is uncovered. Later in the movie, Annie becomes ill and is convinced that she is dying, she obtains information that her daughter is working as a chorus girl in Los Angeles and flies to California for one last look at her daughter. Sarah Jane is furious with her mother’s decision to come to Los Angeles and exclaiming, “I’m somebody else, I’m white. Annie introduces herself to her white friend as Sarah Jane’s former nanny and leaves with an embrace and thank you from her daughter for not revealing Sarah Jane’s truth. Annie puts her affairs in order and ensures all her possessions are left to Sarah Jane and goes on home to glory. Lora gives Annie the elaborate funeral that she had requested. During the long cortege moves slowly along the street, Sarah Jane pushes through the crowd flings herself on her mother’s coffin, and weeps hysterically how sorry she is for the way she has treated her mother. Sarah Jane is lead to the hearse by Lora and Susie while reassure her that she did not cause her mother’s death through the lack of showing love and acknowledgement of her mother and race.

Imitation of Life Movie Is A Must See For Every Generation

I do believe that most Baby Boomers are familiar with this film but Generation X and the Millennials may have no idea the movie exists. Unlike in the 21st century where other races and cultures are embracing the African America Culture while referring to it as Urban Culture has the culture been embraced in a positive manner. African Americans of generations before were trying to pass for white if possible to afford more opportunity for advancement and acceptance in life. In 2015 the United States Library of Congress selected the Imitation of Life for preservation in the National Film Registry with the findings of it being culturally, historically and aesthetically significant in American history just like the original 1934 film.

Pistachio: A Royal Nut

by mitzimsa on February 26, 2016

PISTACHIO One Cute Little Nut

Pistachio Heart

I can’t demand that the entire region’s Pistachio Harvest be set aside for me like the Queen of Sheba. But, I can kick scream and put my foot down when it comes to shearing my supply. Somehow that doesn’t fit my personality or the description that many regions have placed on this little nutritious cutie!

In Iran the pistachio is known as the smiling nut and in China, they call it the happy nut. When I have a bowl of them sitting next to me all I can do is smile while I savor the flavor.  With every crack of the shell I get happier knowing that it’s heart healthy. The green almond which is another one of its nick names is 90 per cent unsaturated fat, that’s the good kind of fat!  This fat won’t do damage to my ticker or just settle in on my hips as I stuff my face beyond belief while catching up on my Oscar Night Movies!

You’ll Find It Where?

Even though the US is not the top consumer of the pistachio’s we’re second in line to China and I’m sure I’m doing my fair share of consumption to keep the United States in this position. I enjoy pistachios just about any way I can get them. Their great roasted or raw (which is my personal preference) and you won’t find me complaining if the husband walks through the door with pistachio flavored ice cream, my all-time go to or a slice of pistachio cake cheese or other wise. I’ve found that the pistachio infused or pure oil is great when cooking pork, poultry and veal and no wonder I fell in love with Mortadella (Italian Bologna) with is yummy slivers of pistachio that melt in your mouth with each bite and let’s not leave out confectionery nougat!

Pistachio Nuts and the Good Book

I wasn’t surprised to find out that the pistachio and the cashew my other favorite nut are related botanically.  And,  it’s one of the only two nuts that are referred to in the Bible; didn’t know I would be going all biblical on ya!! But, I am kind of confused as to why their national day is in February when the little flowering bush ripens its fruit in late summer and early fall.

The male trees are like all other males of different species they sole their royal oats all over the place.  One male tree can produce enough pollen for 25 nut-bearing female trees which produce their first nuts at age five and can bear fruit for up to 200 years, glad I’m a human and not a female pistachio tree!

It’s been said that lovers meet beneath the trees to hear the pistachios crack open on moonlit nights for good fortune.  I guess if your looking to become Fertile Myrtle as they say this would be the place to be…under a Pistachio Tree!!!!


Los Angeles: I know but, it’s Winter Everywhere!

by mitzimsa on February 4, 2016

Yes, it’s also Winter in LA!

Los Angeles Winter RainI welcomed the winter morning with a smile, even though the temperature has been reading in the low 40’s here in the City of Los Angeles! I had to step out into the frigid cold to move cars for street sweeping, DAMN why me!  Most will laugh at that statement and say that frigid cold and Los Angeles can’t be in the same sentence, when you may be in below zero temps or close to it.  But, this is quite cool for LA and our winters bring wet cold weather if were lucky (let’s not forget we’re in a drought)! LA winters require us to break out the rain gear, wool and parka type winter coats! Why I saw a guy walking down the street this morning sporting a parka I could not see his face for he had the hood up and a scarf wrapped around the neck so tight to reduce the cold and wind from hitting him in the face. I’m sure you’re laughing out loud at this point because I surely cracked up to the point of non-containment! See I’m an Iowa Girl and I know cold winter weather first hand but after being here for well over two decades my blood has thinned and I find there’s days I run the heat 24/7, still warm my flannel pj’s in the dryer before putting them on in the winter months and I would be remised if I didn’t mention the heated seats in my car! I have not forgotten the cold winters of the Mid-West.  Though my winter is no longer on the level of Mid-Western Style let’s not forget winter is winter no matter where your reside.

A Wet Winter Predicted For The City Of Angels


Winter Rainy Day

Just wanted to remind the rest of the world that it does rain in Sunny California, the temperature drops, the wind blows and a lot of freezing water falls from the sky. So  every now and then we have a reason to pull out the boots, hats, scarves puffy coats of all lengths to make it through our winter big chill just like you! But, you can bet come the spring and summer months you’ll find us in our shorts, sundresses and sunglasses showing off our legs while wearing Uggs…go figure!

Smooches, I Love LA!!

Kahlua, El Nino & Me!

by mitzimsa on January 28, 2016

When the Temputure Reads Kahlua


While the Mid-West and the East Coast hunker down for the Nor’easter over here on the West Coast we’re on watch for El Nino! Not sure of the opinion of other beach babies here in Cali but, I’m looking forward to the down pours that have been predicted.

I can’t wait!  Let it rain let it rain…but in order for it to be a pleasant time over the weekend listening to the storm while occasionally taking a glance out the window. I’ll sip on a warm beverage with a little somethin somethin in it to warm the innners. Right now I’m racking my brain coming up with recipes and snacks ideas for my shopping list that are sure to keep us super-comfy and cozy over the weekend! Most of all I’m going to make sure that I have the right booz in my basket! When you’re regions weather has you on lock down you might as well take the time to make it a house party and enjoy yourself. I keep my stock of Red, White and Sparkling Wine on full so that’s a given but I’m more concerned with making sure that I have what is needed to spike the Cocoa!

Enjoy Tasty Kahlua Cocktails

With that being said….I’ve come to the conclusion that all is needed for this go around of  El Nino will be The Big Kahuna Kahlua.  With this tasty coffee liqueur I can spike the cocoa, coffee and mix up some sweet treats!

Black Russian

Ingredients: Two parts vodka and one part Kahlua

White Russian

Ingredients: One part heavy cream or half & half, two parts vodka and two parts Kahlua

Pour the Kahlua and vodka over a glass of ice and top with cream to layer properly, pour them slowly over the back of a spoon.


Ingredients: Two parts vodka, two parts cream or milk, one part Kahlua and one part Irish cream liqueur

Pour the vodka, Kahlua and Irish cream over a glass of ice and top it with cream or milk.

Coffee Martini

Ingredients: Two parts vodka, one part Kahlua, one part chocolate liqueur

Add the ingredients to a martini shaker with ice. Shake until cold and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with espresso beans or chocolate shavings.


Ingredients: Equal parts Kahlua, Irish cream liqueur and orange liqueur

Layer the three ingredients in a shot glass. Begin with Kahlua, next add Irish cream and finish with the orange liqueur, which can be Cointreau or Grand Marnier. To get the liqueurs to layer properly, pour them slowly over the back of a spoon.

Kahlua with Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: Eight ounce mug of hot chocolate, one shot of Kahlua and whipped cream

Make the hot chocolate using either milk or water and add a shot of Kahlua. Top the mug with whipped cream. (I make my own with whipped cream with added vinella flavor)

Kahlua with Coffee (Mexican Coffee)

Ingredients: Eight ounce cup of coffee and a shot of Kahlua

Brew the coffee and add a shot of Kahlua to the mug. You do not need to add sugar since the Kahlua is sweetened, but add milk or cream if you prefer.

Kahlua on the Rocks

Ingredients: Ice and two shots of Kahlua

It doesn’t get simpler than this! Add a couple of shots of Kahlua to a glass filled with ice.

So if your looking for good way to keep yourself nice and toasty over the weekend you might pick up a bottle as well…mix up a batch of Kahlua liquor laced beverage or treats grab a throw, the remote and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll have inside.

Baby Keep the cold outside!

The Shops At Montebello!

by mitzimsa on December 7, 2015

GO SHOP~ The Shops At Montebello

This Holiday Season

The Shops At Montebello HolidayNow that you’ve giving thanks, hung out and chatted with family and friends, you’ve stuffed yourself to the point of being fat and full, Black Friday Shoppers have had their running of the bulls shopping spree, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are now a thing of the past it’s time to hit the retail outlets of any and all verities to start your holiday shopping!

Of course you have your choice of locations to make fairy tales come true for the holidays but, this holiday season make The Shops At Montebello your choice!

I was recently invited to a Holiday Gift Preview event at The Shops At Montebello. During the event  I was introduced to several retailers along with their featured items for the holiday season; Coach, Macys’s Fregrance and Forever 21 just to name a few of the many retailers at the mall.

untitled (6)

Haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Montebello?  

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to this city.  The Shops At Montebello have many exciting events planned for the season!

If you’re in need of ideas, it has been predicted that the gifts that will be nestled under the tree will range from jewelry, sporting good, apparel and never to be left out in this day and age electronics, electronics, electronics…all can be found at The Shops At Montebello!

The Shops At Montebello, Holidays Are Here!!!

Every year I tell Santa I will concentrate on my gift giving while shopping and not myself.  Somehow it never fails, as I check one off the list two go in the bag for me!!! Self-gifting is a beautiful thing you always end up with just what you want. But, if your left scratching your head with a gift idea for someone on your list…remember there’s always Gift Cards which can be purchased at the Guest Service Counter located at the Macy’s Home entrance on the lower level of The Shops At Montebello.

I hope that you’ll stop by and enjoy at least one of the many events that will be held at The Shops At Montebello during the holiday season; there something for everyone!!!!

santaswaiting-holidaySANTA PHOTO EXPERIENCE!

 HOLIDAY PHOTO BOOTH – December  12 & 19 Spread Love Selfie Photo Station

FRIDAY FREE DAYS – December 11 & 18

COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS -December 21, 22 & 23  Entertainment, prize giveaways and Christmas cookies.

For information on these event and more visit The Shops At Montebello






Tybee Island Adventure

by mitzimsa on November 11, 2015

Savannah Georgia State Of Mind

Tybee IslandOver three years ago my bestie (that I’ve known since I can remember) and I decided LET’S TAKE A REUNION ADVENTURE. Which would include the girls that we hung tuff with over the years! Well the first year it didn’t work out and the second year was unpromising as well. But the third year was a charm!

We knew from the start that we wanted to be on the beach sipping on cocktails with fruit and umbrellas! Most of your minds went straight to Hawaii I’m sure, but we were talking an extended weekend trip. Since we’re coming from different parts of the country we decided to stay state side. Lots of ideas were kicked around and Vegas even made the list of possibilities; you can have pretty drinks around the pool and dream you’re at the beach with the heat that Vegas serves up.

Though it was a lot of back and forth a location and date was agreed upon and the excitement began! GEORGIA HERE WE COME, LETS GO TURN UP AND OUT TYBEE ISLAND!!!!

I started planning ways to make the trip special for all involved even decided to arrive early to ready the beach rental for the ladies arrival. Did my research on the region, checked out different attractions that might be of interest to the group. This was going to be off the chart fun!

We’re Ready For Adventure…

It’s now October and time to get on the road and get this adventure started but, I had a hiccup in my trip plans. An unexpected medical emergency occurred in my family and demanded my attention. I waited with baited breath as to if I would be able to make the trip week by week day by day I kept hope but, when it came right down to the real nitty gritty flight 1730 took off without me.

How could this be happening I wondered. I know I’m not to question but to do my part when I’m called upon and find the lesson or message in the task that has been given.  Am I sad YES, I really wanted to spend time with the ladies and catch up on all the wonderful and not so wonderful event that have transpired in our lives over the years. Just set back and look at what our lives journeys and adventures have been, taking time to just love on one another and be silly like back in the day!

Girlfriend Adventure 2015So to put myself in the Georgia state of mind and fill as if I was part of the Tybee Adventure, I decided to stalk Face Book looking for photos of their good times, clicking like on every comment they made to me or about me. Why my Aunt even made a comment as to how could they be on a girlfriend adventure without me! Loll…I decided to cure my sadness in the kitchen. I pulled out my black iron skillet and the makins for Shrimp and Gravy and took a poll as to what we should pour it over. Take a look below and see the dish that chased my blues away. I was right where I was suppose to be. Home.

Adventures In Food  –  My Take on Georgia Shrimp & Grits!

Adventure Of Food

Simon Malls: Del Amo Fashion Center Gets Face Lift!

by mitzimsa on October 27, 2015

Good Morning Del Amo Fashion Center!

Del Amo Fashion Center Ribbion Cutting Ceremony

I was recently treated to a wonderful early morning affair, the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the newly renovation of Del Amo Fashion Center hosted by Simon Malls.

I was more then excited to receive this invitation, the mention of this mall takes me back to my younger days. I can remember shopping here for many special occasions, dresses for Friday nights and always found the best outfits for New Years Eve Celebrations!  The Del Amo Mall was know all over the world the iconic  landmark was the largest shopping mall in the US. When in LA it was one of the most requested places to visit by all! But, in 1992 the Mall of America took the crown.

Well, Del Amo Fashion Center is in transformation, the $200 million expansion will move them to the top of the charts in lifestyle entertainment with new places to shop, eat and play in the South Bay! The combination of indoor and outdoor shopping and the soon to be “Restaurant Row” will be delightfully amazing. While waiting on the new dinning expansion a garden-inspired dining pavilion in the heart of the shopping center is now open for business. The Grand Opening of the new Fashion Wing  and the expansion will bring many new upscale retailers, just in time for the upcoming holiday season.



Simon Malls knows how to throw a party!

I was welcomed with a little black bag and a mimosa followed by simply elegant trays of hors d’ourves being passed of almost every variety.  The aroma of the crap station filled the air with notes of flavor as if it were music, the choice was yours with the offering of savory or sweet. My palate happen to call for savory.

unnamed (87)

All the joy, buzz and laughter that filled the outdoor shopping area was infectious as the hot sun began to bid us good day with the heat of its glow. But, not even the heat can damper this wonderful way for any shopper to start their day with friends and like mind people at the Del Amo Fashion Center! Suddenly the chatter broke; everyone’s attention was requested. The silence led to introductions and talk of the journey to reach the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

unnamed (85)

See, I told you I was treated to an early morning affair! This event was a precursor to the tip of the iceberg The Grand Opening of Nordstrom at the Del Amo Fashion Center!! Stay tuned…I’ll circle back around with the inside info on my look from the inside out on opening day!!

Compton: Not A CNN News Clip

by mitzimsa on August 14, 2015

I can’t say I’m Straight Outta Compton but, Compton I am, I am Compton


I have mixed feelings about the highly anticipated movie NWA Straight Outta Compton.  Right up front let me say this….The story needed to be told and the content is so relevant to what continues in today’s headlines.  What I’m about to reveal will catch you off guard, I’m born and bred in the Midwest; Des Moines Iowa to be exact.  Possibly your first thought was to laugh and say “get the f*@k outa here”! Well, just hold on there’s more.

I fell for and married a brother from the same block as Eazy E and MC Ren; moved to Compton over 20 + years ago.  My first go around with this fair city brought on many unwelcomed surprises that would have scared me straight if need be.  Comin where I come from and living in the Mid-Wilshire, Hollywood and WLA areas of Los Angeles my first encounters seemed like a story on the evening news.

Remembering when I spoke with family back home and mentioned I was living in Compton; the question of “WHY” was always voiced rather loudly and shockingly followed by “YOU BETTER BE CAREFUL”.  Questions would always continue and most times includeing “not by that liquor store they always talk about in the videos or by that street Greenleaf?”  I would assure them that I was fine while trying to assure myself that I would be fine.  My husband and his family seem to look at me and speak to me in a tone that resembled “come on baby we’ll take care of you” which left me feeling confused because in my mind I was wondering if I needed to be protected or taken care of.  This became a constant voice in my head along with police sirens and ghetto birds ringing in my ears it caused much concern and anxiety along with outside discussions of how to move my Compton ride or die husband out of the hood.

Once I relaxed and became more comfortable with my surroundings, I started to identify the disperse and loss of more than friends and family but a community that was slipping away you could see it and feel it. The King Riots had jumped off and OJ had taken over the news wave. While the rest of the world was advancing and thriving Compton was not on the list of attraction.

The city government was in shambles, police force, and educational institutions where being turned over to others to run. The loss of access to a trauma based hospital in the surrounding area was a tragedy within itself, as the war resembling level of violence continued.

All cultures worldwide have absorb rap as part of their own in one way or another, but are not aware of the real essence of the struggle of Compton residents then and now.


When I see the attitude change on faces of co-workers or people that I encounter when I say I live in Compton, it makes me want ta holla.  I was once told “you say where you live like its Beverly Hills followed by… I never would have thought…it’s so dangerous… how do you live there??!”  I often wonder if it makes them think different of me, who they perceived me to be before the enlightment and where do I stand now in their minds.

The press has and continues to play a major role in the image that the world has of Compton.  Can you believe that there are actually guided tours, people come from all over the world to see; COMPTON the home of Gangsta Rap…they want to experience and see all the negativity that they’ve heard, read and or have seen of the Hub City!

We are now in the 21st Century and the description of Compton across the board of social media and the internet has not been updated to reflect the rebirth, new development, the people and our neighborhoods of the City Of Compton.   We are not the 20th Century CNN News Story or Clip. The media no longer has to slice and dice footage to continue to show a negativity eye.  Now that the Compton story has made a turn the camera is not here to accentuate the positive.

Though there is still no existent of the Compton PD, and we have not regained control of Compton College we have made major strides in many areas.  New single family home development along with major retail chains have come into the area with success and continue to permeate are neighborhoods.

How about that they final noticed that we are productive, home owing citizens with buying power!

Our children are able to see hope and invest in their community as they aspire to be doctors, scientists and teachers and have identified that they can make it out of the hood not only in music or sports. Our gradation success rate in Compton High Schools are outstanding, resident children are going on to major universities. With the retail presence comes jobs for the community and we now have access to a hospital in the area. The City Government, is as we all know it to be no matter where we live, politics.

Let’s face it, some remembrance of the old days were brought to the forefront as the biopic filming got underway. The City of Compton has no choice in the matter it is and will always be an honorary member of NWA and a major character of the movie.   During filming an unrelated drive-by shooting took place in front of the set. As well as during filming of a promotional trailer after filming had wrapped for the movie, the now worldwide publicized incident with Suge Knight; which resulted in a death and now has him on trial for murder.

My mixed feelings stem not from the content, creativity and talent but the arousal of the negativity that the rest of the world outside of Compton perceives the city to be. The world needs to know that we are not entrapped by drugs, gangs and poverty as you believe us to be. The city is shining brightly and deserves the chance to show its positive light!

See you at the movie but, “Don’t quote me boy cause I ain’t said shit”

Bristol Farms BBQ & Grilling

by mitzimsa on July 17, 2015

All About The BBQ!

Bristol Frams MagOne of my favorite gourmet food store is Bristol Farms. Truly in this specialty store you can find all of the different products that are required for any cooking adventure!

I decided I would take a journey through the Bristol Farms real food magazine from the summer of 2014 to find my next food experience! As I perused the real food magazine I had to keep in mind the items I have on hand. It’s so hard for me to hold back from going to the market once a new exciting recipe is found. This happen to be an issue that was perfect the food gods led me in the right direction of picking my reading material for the day!

Bam, I stopped on the page that read Right on Cue…now that’s talking my language! This section featured Barbecue and Grilling options, as I flipped through recipes for Pork Chops, Back Ribs, Tri-tip which all came first in this issue. Then, I turned the page and  HARPS BEGIN TO PLAY,  a recipe for Texas Beef Ribs With Hill Country Peach Glaze; right behind that page came Kansas City-Inspired Barbecued Chicken!

Around my house we know about BBQ and Grillin, we do it all year long! And this mid-western girl will never pass up a chance to taste Kansas City BBQ Flavor! Just so happens I have a few racks of beef ribs on hand and I’m never without chicken in my freezer. I gathered my ingredients, pulled out meat and chicken to thaw and the planning began.

Followed the recipe and seasoned both the chicken and ribs with the rub that was suggested in the magazine. Let the meat get a good night rest in the refrigerator so the flavors really could get into the meat. Now because I’m a cook I always have to put my own personal twist on everything I prepare, I’m always adding additional ingredients to every recipe. I love to develop new flavors in my kitchen and so this recipe was no different I added a little pinch of this and a little of that along with a dash of my secret weapon.

…check out the BEEF BBQ RIBS!

Texas BBQ Beef Ribs


These recipes and many more can be found on the Bristol Farms web site.  Sorry if your not a local this extraordinary food store is exclusive to Los Angeles and it’s surrounding area.


by mitzimsa on June 29, 2015

  Health and Wellness for your Dog!

Massage the dog

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander or should I say “what’s good for you is also good for your best friend, your dog!” We know that staying relaxed, pain free and in a good mood is good for our health. Turns out we should be providing the same for our dear poochy pooch!


So I’ve rounded up some of the best kept secrets that can help you keep your canine in the best state for their mind, body and soul!

Dog on Massage TableGet cracking and find a Dog Masseuse for your pup, Paws Massage L.A. featured on PureWow offers canine acupressure, hot-stone massage to help increase circulation, ease anxiety and reduce sore muscles. Check out PureWow to receive instruction for a professional ear rub technique to put you dog at ease.

Keep in mind not all dogs may not enjoy this special attention, so be sure to pay close attention to your dog’s reaction as you proceed with massaging if there’s growling, snarling, flinching or yelping, flattened ears, twitching eyebrows, holding breath or tensing it may be a sign to stop either they’ve had enough of your touch or it’s just not their thing. Keep in mind this should be enjoyable for the both of you to relax and bond.


THC for your Dog

Now here’s a method a little more new age! Hemp-derived dog cookies for your pooches anxiety disorder, muscle tension, joint aches and even to ease the pain of cancer. Treat-ibles derive from one of the chemicals in pot that creates a relaxing effect. The product does not contain THC so he won’t get high but he will be in a relaxed state of mind.

This is so LA!